2003 Guestbook

Full Name: Anna Simiñska
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Date and Time: 8/26/2003, 3:46 AM
Comments: Hello! I'm writing to send You my best wishes ang hope You will come to Poland again someday. I was in Wroclaw on Your outstanding recital. I think it is possible that You remember me. I was standing in a hall and ased for a sign, sitting on stairs during Your suondcheck and after concert I gave You a yellow rose. I really love the sound of Your voice and dream about being on another concerts. I am studing in Music Academy in Warsaw and I always wanted to be a classical singer and to be like You.

Anna Simiñska
Full Name: Gregg V. Page
Home Page: http://hometown.aol.com/mostmajesticone/
Date and Time: 8/24/2003, 2:55 AM
Comments: I'm listening to your Bel Canto cd right now and I'm speechless! Incredible! I remember being a freshman voice major and hearing you for the first time in "The Ghost of Versaille." At the time I couldn't wait to see what the future brought for you, but I must say, you've exceeded every possible expectation. Thank you for sharing you incredible talent with us! You've got a fan for life.
Full Name: Teresa Locke Godbey
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Date and Time: 8/22/2003, 1:16 PM
Comments: It was my highest priviledge to meet you, Renee, after your Birmingham, Alabama concert in 2002. I hope your tour will bring you back South very soon. My friends are so sick of me raving about you. You were wonderful, as always. I have just picked up OperaNews with you on the cover and your story is fabulous! I hope to visit with you again very soon.

Teresa Godbey
Full Name: Irene Kokai
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Date and Time: 8/20/2003, 1:06 PM
Comments: We were fortunate to hear Renee Fleming several times in the Met
(we are subscribers) and just yesterday 8/19/03
I went down to NYC from CT to the Met to stand in line and exchange
our Traviata tickets for Renee's 3/6/04 performance. I call this
"What I did for love" - the love for her voice, the love for opera.
All the best wishes for Renee Fleming for continuing success from a 68 years old, yours truly
Iren Kokai
Old Saybrook, CT
Full Name: Bob Workmon
Home Page: http://wfdd.org
Date and Time: 8/16/2003, 10:48 AM
Comments: Just wanted to express my admiration. I play Renee's recordings on the air frequently, most recently multiple tracks from her musical theater collaboration with Bryn Terfel --Bob, program director @ WFDD Public Radio
Full Name: Laura Heydt and Ryan Adams
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Date and Time: 8/13/2003, 4:06 PM
Comments: Ms. Fleming,
We just wanted to thank you again for being so kind! We loved the concert on Sunday and it was such a pleasure to meet you again. Hopefully we'll be seeing you again in New York!
Your new groupies,
Laura and Ryan
Full Name: Dr. Carolyn F. Leary
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Date and Time: 8/11/2003, 9:16 AM

Outstanding performance at Tanglewood yesterday.

Full Name: Adèle
Home Page: http://adelefalk.tripod.com
Date and Time: 8/11/2003, 8:03 AM
Comments: Hey Renée-

It's Adèle. Sorry I have not been back to say "hi" or anything! My singing life has been pretty crazy as well. I hope to see you when your in Kansas this spring, but I don't know it's right around when I get back from Italy (yesyes) so I don't know - we shall see.

I'm about to graduate high school in a year or two, and looking into colleges. I admire you so much! I hope my career is half as successful as yours.

You have such a lovely voice! Stay sweet! :-)
Full Name: joni
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Date and Time: 8/9/2003, 2:31 PM
Comments: i heard ur wonderful performance of Rusalka at covent garden. however, i'm really upset with the review from the Times which was really ridiculous comment about you. I just want to say that you are really amazing DIVA. hope to see you again. cheers.
Full Name: Elizabeth Best
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Date and Time: 7/31/2003, 6:45 PM
Comments: Hey Renee,
Just wanted to send a few words of greeting to someone who has worked her proverbial ass off to get where she is. I have seen you perform live on a few occasions, and have some of your recordings. Let's put this as succinctly as possible:
I would listen to you read the telephone book! Keep on trucking, and continue to produce that beautiful music as long as you continue to enjoy it.
Warmly, Elizabeth Best
Full Name: Mary P. Lattanzio
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Date and Time: 7/28/2003, 7:44 PM
Comments: Hi Renee:
We were in school together at the Crane School of Music, Potsdam. I was a French Horn player in the orchestra and a friend of Caroline Williams. I graduated in 1980. I went on to teach vocal and instrumental music for the past 22 years in the Schenectady City School District. I also have a Masters in Music from Ithaca College. I am so proud of your sucess and full acheivement in the world of Opera. I hope to catch a performance either in New York or somewhere's this year! Congratulations.

Mary P.(Golden) Lattanzio
Full Name: Manuela Posescu
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Date and Time: 7/28/2003, 1:27 PM
Comments: J'aime beaucoup opéra, j'aime beaucoup Mme Fleming qui est une immense artiste. Toutes mes félicitations et meilleurs voeux pour son activité artistique.
Je voudrais connaître, s'il est possible, l'auteur et le titre de la chanson qu'elle a interprétée en allemand à la fin de son émission biographique sur Mezzo, traduite en français par "O, bonheur, qui fut le mien ..."
Merci et encore une fois bonne chance !

Manuela Posescu, Docteur ingénieur, Professeur à l'Université Technique de Constructions de Bucarest, Roumanie.
Full Name: Jose
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Date and Time: 7/25/2003, 10:25 PM
Comments: Ms. Fleming, you are such an inspiration to so many and I'm sure you know that. As a senior student in vocal performance, you are a huge inspiration to me; I'm a tenor. Your sensitivity and care for the music you sing is a testament of your dedication to expressive singing. You care about your music and it shows! I am always amazed by your elegeant legato and technical mastery. Thank you for always being generous with your voice.
Full Name: Phil Domingues
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Date and Time: 7/22/2003, 1:33 PM
Comments: I first heard your glorious instrument on a broadcast of the Proms on American television. I love listening to you. You make my day, my month, my year.
Thank you for sharing,
Phil Domingues
West Monroe, LA
Full Name: marilyn
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Date and Time: 7/20/2003, 9:21 AM
Comments: Streetcar at the barbican and Rusalka last monday atcovent garden. The first times I've seen you live. I was spellbound. Thank you for your amazing voice and two brilliant performances. Also congrats on your success at the Brit Awards.
Full Name: marilyn
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Date and Time: 7/20/2003, 8:58 AM
Comments: Streetcar at the Barbican on 27 June and Rusalka last Monday at Covent Garden. The first times I've seen you live. I was spellbound. I saw you at the stage door after rusalka and I could hardly speak. Thank you for two sensational evenings. Can't wait to see you in the UK next year
Full Name: Joyce
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Date and Time: 7/20/2003, 6:05 AM
Comments: Rusalka, last week at Covent Garden in London was superb. I've managed to see you sing in person 3 times and you get better all the time. Thanks for a wonderful evening.
Full Name: David Jackino
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Date and Time: 7/11/2003, 6:02 PM
Comments: WOW!! What a voice - I wish I had listened to more of your performances over at Crane when we were students at SUNY Potsdam.
Full Name: Laura Earle, DVM
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 7/8/2003, 5:55 PM
Comments: Thanks
Full Name: Adèle Falk
Home Page: http://groups.msn.com/AdeleFalk
Date and Time: 6/20/2003, 3:28 AM
Comments: I look up to you so much, you have no idea! I'm a sixteen year old classical performer, and you amaze me all the time. Your technique is solid, and your voice is pure. I'm cheering you on!
Full Name: Mr. Krispy Kreme
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Date and Time: 6/19/2003, 4:40 PM
Comments: Dear Miss Fleming:
Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful voice with all of us.You are incredibly talented and your gift of voice is spectacular.Will you ever be going on a tour of signing your albums, so that the public can be able to have some person to person contact with you.I think it is great you built your career with your voice and people buying your albums in appreciation of that talent.So what do you think that the public would like to have you in person, signing their albums they buy from you.Can you arrange it from your music company.It would be so awesome to hold an event like this, maybe even have a money jar, where people could put in whatever they felt like, and all the money goes to funding houses for the homeless or something like that.Do you think you could get your friends to also tour with you.I think that would be awesome for you all to tour the countries and spend time with your fans and make money for people on this planet who are without.I hope your music companies would start doing opera fanfares like country fans do every year.It would be a fantastic draw.
Full Name: penny ferguson
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Date and Time: 6/19/2003, 3:38 PM
Comments: The finest American singer ever...no contest
Full Name: Milan Silhan
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Date and Time: 6/18/2003, 2:41 AM
Comments: Your Web is very nice and very good! Thank you.
Full Name: Sid Calkins
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 6/11/2003, 12:09 PM
Comments: Dear Renee, Many thanks for enriching my retirement years. My trips usually include a couple of your performances; I have attended over 20 since I first saw you in OTELLO at the MET. Your CDs and Videos enrich my time at home in SC. I hope to see more of you on PBS and Ovation. Thanks again, Sid Calkins
Full Name: Norman Shakespeare
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 6/5/2003, 1:29 PM
Comments: Renée.
Your Bel Canto album is, without doubt, the finest operatic compilation and rendition ever;
something that will survive a long, long time.
Congratulations to you, Patrick, St. Lukes, Kristine and the Coro.
Full Name: Katherine Halley
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Date and Time: 6/4/2003, 10:39 PM
Comments: Renee-
Hi! I am a 17 year-old aspiring soprano opera singer, and I just want you to know that you give me something to strive for. Even though I have never had the luxuryof being able to hear you in person (or see you for that matter :)) when I hear your voice it reminds me of all the reasons of what I am working for -- even in times of frustration. I am working this summer, before I go to college in the hopes that I will have enough funds to come hear you in Il Traviata. I appreciate your work so much, and I hope that, one day, I get to hear your miraculous voice in person. Good luck!
Full Name: Peter Nelson
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 6/3/2003, 2:28 PM
Comments: Dear Renée,
Hope to see you in Berlin.
Take care
Full Name: Alexander
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Date and Time: 6/2/2003, 3:53 AM
Comments: At last St.Petersburg saw and heard Rene for the first time yesterday. Tatyana's letter and Oteelo I act duet (with Galouzine unfortunately!). How splendid she was. Her sublime musicality, sweetest voice, splendid vocal technique, good Russian (!), sense of style impressed us a lot. It was a great event for us.
Full Name: Chris Rundell
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/26/2003, 5:42 AM
Comments: Renee,
My how time flys. Saw your performance in memory of 9/11 at the Trade Center site and just caught the Memorial Day Tribute in D.C. Wow, and that voice brought back many happy memories. Much simpler times weren't they? Hopefully you remember!?!

I also wanted to thank you personally for your support. As a retired Gulf War veteran, it brings me great pride that people from all walks of life believe in our country and the folks who fight for it. You are truly another bright star to sail by. Would love to catch up and reminice a bit, feel free at the email address above.

Fondest Memories,

Full Name: Michael Irish
Home Page: http://wideopenwest.com/~eirish
Date and Time: 5/23/2003, 6:59 PM
Comments: I have had the pleasure of hearing Renee Fleming in-concert twice, both times in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The first time was with James Levine and the Met Orchestra, at Hill Auditorium. Renee sang Lulu and Marie from Berg's concert-suites from the operas. Berg has since become my favorite composer.

The second time was a short recital tour Renee did, again at Hill Auditorium, and which was too excellent for words!

Michael Irish
Full Name: Melody Bowers
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/23/2003, 3:05 PM
Comments: I just want to say that Renee Fleming has the most incredible opera voice I've ever heard, and I hope that one day my voice can be half as beautiful as hers. I wish I could learn personally from Renee, but I know that's not possible. However, I will continue to strive for the level of perfection Ms. Fleming has reached. Renee, I thank you so much for being a pioneer in the world of opera. Too many people don't know the intense beauty and passion of this genre of music, and you have helped to bring it under the pubic eye. I will always consider you one of my greatest inspirations of all. You have truly encouraged me to continue studying opera when others when others have not been so positive. Thought I do not know you personally, I still feel that your influence is as great as that of my own music teacher. Thank you for encouraging the love of all classical music.
Full Name: Daniel Melvin
Home Page: http://www.old-phongraphs.com
Date and Time: 5/12/2003, 11:57 AM
Comments: Love your website. I loved La Traviata in Houston. I traveled there from the Pacific Northwest just for your debut. It was fantastic.
Full Name: Coleman H. Casey
Home Page: http://shipmangoodwin.com
Date and Time: 5/12/2003, 7:33 AM
Comments: It was an honor to be seated next to you at the Lomng Ridge School Benefit Concert dinner and to in the front row to hear and see youir magnificent performance. As I told you, I wass particularly moved by your singing of Lean Away, which resonates particularly with me. It would be wonderful if DECCA could see its way clear to doing an All-American program of songs with you. I'm still giving thought to your commencement address at Julliard, although you hardly need ideas from me! If I come up with any suggestion which seems helpful, I'll email and write to you via your agent, although I know that the event is almost upon you! My wife and I were delighted to meet you and charmed by Amelia too. Best wishes--Coleman Casey.
Full Name: Caroline Cajot
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/11/2003, 4:35 PM
Comments: I would like to say that i don't really know Mrs Fleming but that i'm going to the concert of hers in "Le Monnaie" on the 30th of june.
My Mum says she is really good and I don't doubt that. I'm lloking forward to the concert!
Full Name: Edward
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/10/2003, 12:50 PM
Comments: Hello Reneé Fleming. I am Edward, and I am an opera lover from the UK. Some of my interests include movies and TV, travelling, the sciences and painting (I am currently at night classes studying art and design). I have been to see a number of operas on stage, but some of my favourite operas include Madama Butterfly, Carmen and Nabucco. We need music and theatre, indeed all the arts, to encourage compassion and caring among people, don't you think? And I recently organised a charity morning at my auntie's house and raised a lot of money (about £400) for charity. I did very well, didn't I?
Full Name: robert w. hendra
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/3/2003, 12:38 PM
Comments: my favorite singer and oftengo to Paris to hear you sing at Bastille and also heardyou in hyour first Arabella in houston which was my 6oth brithday present to myself. Bob hendra London, Egnalnd.
Full Name: Hector Benitez
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/30/2003, 12:29 PM
Comments: I wish to congatulate the owners and operators of this website! This in oasis in the barren desert filled with vipers and scorpions that only know and revel in doing harm without contributing anything worthwhile other than vile and venom. THANK YOU!!!
Full Name: Gregory Roberson
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/30/2003, 12:25 PM
Comments: I still get chills remembering your recital in Birmingham with Stephen Blier...the Gershwin section was stupendous!!! Congrats on the Grammy!
Full Name: Hector Benitez
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/30/2003, 11:14 AM
Comments: I can't understand this "hate club" that has mushroomed against one of the most beautiful voices and one of the most sesitive artists in the world. Sometimes her approach to the music is not in accord with your expectations, but this is not definitively enough to warrant attacks and abuse.
My best wishes Renee, Hector Benitez
Full Name: andy spell
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/28/2003, 1:31 PM
Comments: Dear Miss Fleming,
My wife and I flew to Houston this past weekend to see you in La Traviata. I have had my tickets since last october and could not wait for the weekend. I want you to know that you were absolutly amazing. Act 1 was great and the end of act one was astonishing. Act 2 was great. Act 3 was great and Act 4 blew me away. I believe I saw the ultimate Violetta. Thank-you for your astonishing performance. It was a night to remember. Good luck at the Met. I know they will love it.

Full Name: Judy Everett
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/25/2003, 6:49 AM
Comments: I just enjoyed your performance in La Traviata on Easter Sunday in Houston and plan to come to NY to experience it again in November. I took my 20 yr old daughter who is a Music Therapy Major at TWU and is enjoying her vocal studies. It was a memorable evening as we sat with goose bumps enjoying your magnificent voice. Thank you for sharing your gift so graciously with us.
Full Name: Marc Jacobi
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/23/2003, 8:46 AM
Comments: Renee

My wife and daughter are driving 5 hours to Houston tonight (Wednesday, April 23)to enjoy you perform. My daughter, Sara, is a tremendous fan of yours. According to her, you have the most incredible voice in music today. She believes she saw you in an Opera in Austria about 3 or 4 years ago and she has raved ever since.

I'm positive that you have thousands of fans across the world, many of them who are appreciative of such a rare talent. However, I wanted to let you know that Sara majored in Music, Concentration in Opera, and graduated with extreme accolades from St. Mary's University in San Antonio, TX. Last year, Sara auditioned for the Met and was recognized as the youngest (and one of the most promising) in the group. Since then, she has sought out and is now working with a mentor in Austin, TX that has done wonders for improving Sara's technique.

As a huge fan (one who performed many of the same pieces you have so as to consistently compare herself to the best), it would be the most phenomenal honor if there was an opportunity for Sara (and her mom, Monica) to meet you after the show tonight. I know this request is of late notice, you may not even receive it prior to the performance. However, if there is a chance you could give her a few minutes of "pep talk" and let her meet "her idol", it would be the most fantastic day of her life.

Should you be available to meet with her after the show and need a way to reach her, you may do any of the following:

Sara's cell phone: 210-313-0244
Monica's cell phone: 817-800-4170
They will be sitting in Section E, Row A, Seats 3 and 4 at the Wortham Theater tonight.
My email address so that I might reach her: fredburgcpa@hotmail.com

Also, here is Sara's email for any future correspondence: smikey80@hotmail.com

Thank you for your devotion to the craft, for your time in considering my request, and for all that you bring to the Art of Music.


Marc Jacobi
Fredericksburg, Texas

Full Name: Howard Read
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/21/2003, 1:29 AM
Comments: Dear Renee,

I love your singing----what a lovely voice. One of my favorites is a video I taped from PBS a few years ago. You, Placido Domingo, Lynn Redgrave, Timothy Dalton, CSO in the "Star Crossed Lovers" concert. In addition to your wonderful voice, your use of eyes and head movement are captivating. You are very beautiful.

Howard Read, Berkeley, CA
Full Name: Ed Spillane
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/20/2003, 10:07 PM
Comments: Here is what I posted at the opera-l site; I positively had the most wonderful afternoon of my life today, seeing Renee in La Traviata!:

I saw La Fleming this afternoon and I also was overwhelmed with joy at her
magnificent performance. For some reason there were some boos at the end
of Act One but all of them turned to screams of bravo, etc. at the end of
Acts Two and the incredible acting/singing display Renee turned in in Act
Three. I turned to my six year old at the end of the opera and told her
she just saw the greatest soprano in the world (I told her that; I'm not
trying to start an argument). She said what about God? I didn't know what
to say about that but I'm sure most of those present felt a little in the
presence of some divinity by the end of her incredible performance. I'm
not sure how the Zefferelli sets and different performers will affect La
Fleming's performance at the Met next season but those awaiting her display
next year at the Met have quite a treat coming their way. With Manon next
sunday in houston, the closing concert of the Round Top Festival next
weekend, Alice in Wonderland and A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Houston
and Austin Ballet respectively, it's great living here in Texas!
Full Name: Tyrone Hayes
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/18/2003, 10:39 PM
Comments: Hello Ms. Fleming,

Last night I witnessed you perform your first La Traviata. The show was FANTASTIC. Your voice is the most beautiful voice that I have ever heard. After the show, my friends and I waited backstage for you. You signed our playbills and my score of La Traviata. You're such a sweet woman. Thank you so much for being the person that you are. Congratulations on a show well done.

Tyrone Hayes
Full Name: Julie Tan
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/18/2003, 1:45 PM
Comments: Excellent site: clearly presented and organized and informative content and lovely images.
Full Name: the swampbeast
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/14/2003, 9:07 PM
Comments: dear miss renee,
are you that hauntingly beautiful voice singing with carly simon on her soundtrack to disney's "piglet's big movie"? i hope i found the right renee fleming because i'm gonna rush out and buy some of your albums on my next day off. i know extremely little about classical music but i know an awesome voice when i hear one.
love your new fan, the swampbeast
Full Name: alex calafat
Home Page: http://none
Date and Time: 4/14/2003, 8:06 AM
Comments: hello dear renne! I'm a twenty years old pianist and one of my dreams would be to play with you some day in the future!.After I see the documentary of your life I think you are a great singer but I'm sure you are a great person too and this is the most important in life!Congratulations Renne for your career! and please remember a young pianist that dreams to perform some day with you!You are a great inspiration for young people!Best wishes from Mallorca(Spain).
Full Name: Adèle Falk
Home Page: http://groups.msn.com/AdeleFalk
Date and Time: 4/10/2003, 2:18 PM
Comments: Hello, Renée! I don't know if I got the chance to tell you or not, but I would just like you to know what an honor it was for me to meet you in Chicago after "Thais"! I hope you enjoy the gift that I gave you after your amazing performance. Your performance was very, very beautiful and my father and I enjoyed it very much.

I am a fifteen year old soprano and I hope to sing and have a wonderful career just like you one day. I don't mean be famous, because thats not what a great singing career is all about. I just mean where I can have a long career and be respected, like you. You are by far my favorite soprano, and in school, we are supposed to write a report about our heros, and I am writing about you! I hope the comming year brings a lot for you as far as music goes!

I keep watching the DVD. Your kids are adorable. If you ever need a baby sitter I'm including my email! *wink* Thanks for being such a wonderful role model!
Full Name: Kelly Price
Home Page: http:// kellith@earthlink.net
Date and Time: 4/10/2003, 11:18 AM
Comments: I hope this is the real Rennee Fleming web site and not someone's idea of betraying her. So, I'm taking a chance here.
I'm sure by now everyone and their dog has written you asking for advice about breaking into the business. Please stay with me. I find this a bit embrarssing to be writing you, but I simple have no one else to ask, so I decided I'd go straight to the source.
I am thirty-something, have studied voice since I was fifteen and have started back to school majoring in voice. I honestly do not appear to be as old as I am. People ask me if I'm 23? What a joke. I suppose it is a blessing that I have retained my youthful appearence. I fit right in with all the kids and no one knows my secret. With the fact that I do not appear my age am I over the hill as far as ever being able to perform in an opera? Please be truthful with me so that I might lay this dream to sleep. I would one day love to sing at the Met., but something a little less inspiring would suit me just fine. I simply want to be on stage. Not some home-time production, but the real thing before I'm ready for the nursing home. If you can be of any help at all I would greatly appericate your comments.
Full Name: marianne myrsten
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/3/2003, 6:28 AM
Comments: Dear Renèe Fleming!
Beeing one of your many admirers I must thank you
from my heart for your wonderful art in singing with your divine voice! I am a operasinger myself,and I have never been so moved by a singer so much before. Yours sincerely, Marianne Myrsten, Stockholm, Sweden
Full Name: Claes, Sweden
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/3/2003, 2:57 AM

I don't like opera.
But I like Renée Fleming.

Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/1/2003, 8:06 AM
Comments: DEAR RENNE,


Full Name: Mr Gabriel McLoughlin
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/28/2003, 5:44 AM
Comments: Your wonderful singing voice is sheer joy to listen to. I went to London's Covent Garden to hear you in person and I was absolutely carried away. Your voice is truly a God-given instrument.
Take good care of it.I hope to hear you soon again.
Full Name: Melina Gerges
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/25/2003, 12:33 PM
Comments: What an inspiration
Full Name: Louis D Inabnitt jr
Home Page: http://www.christimage.com
Date and Time: 3/23/2003, 4:07 PM
Comments: I am still in Heaven after watching your performance. I have no Idea who could have such power to capture then Share your finely tuned Treasure. Someone understood and Loved you with their Understanding. You perform as I feel. I suppose that there just must be a giver and a receiver, when I see my Father I will be sure to give Thanks to Him for You, and ask to meet the composer that you were Blessed with that we may rejoice together in Thanksgiving
Full Name: ivana galic
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/21/2003, 5:52 AM
Comments: dear rennee,
as a young singer i have a dream like every singer who loves singing from the bottom of the heart. that is the point of singing.when i was listening you singing rusalka, one of my favourite parts, i heard you singing from the bottom of your heart. i was crying.
Full Name: kelly price
Home Page: http://earthlink.net
Date and Time: 3/20/2003, 5:17 PM
Comments: I am trying to send you an e-mail and I'm not to good with these stupid computers.
Full Name: Laurence Kanen
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/16/2003, 4:59 PM
Comments: Several times last week I listened to 'Vier letzte Lieder' and other songs of Richard Strauss, sung by Renee Fleming (and other singers like Jessye Norman, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Cheryl Studer and Kiri te Kanawa). Renee's voice and expression are marvellous, superb, as are Strauss' compositions!
Full Name: Sam Grabow
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/15/2003, 5:53 PM
Comments: I just saw your performance with the Milwaukee Symphony. It was the most wonderful concert I have ever been to. I am currently a freshman at the UW-MIlwaukee campus, studying vocal performance and instrumental education. After the concert I told one of my Professor's (Valerie Errante) that I could die happy now.

You are a joy to listen to and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to hear you sing live. Thank you so much.
Full Name: Leigh Kubiak
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/15/2003, 12:55 PM
Comments: I recently bought the Lee Ritenour/Dave Grusin CD called "Two Worlds", on which Ms. Fleming sings. I have worked in music, in one venue or another, for the majority of my life and now, at 47, have NEVER heard a vocalist whose voice has an affect that even VAGUELY approaches the same effect on me as hers does. Unlike the true opera afficianado
most of us know the Monserrate Caballe's and the
Pavarotti's of the world but only due to my love of great jazz guitar have I come to know and stand
deeply in awe of Ms. Fleming's seemingly effort-
less, unashamedly POWERFUL voice. With the force of a runaway freight train yet with the sensual ease of liquid pearls, Ms. Fleming so easily adds two or three colours to the rainbow, that did not exist before her. Perhaps more, I envy the musici-
ans such as Ritenous and Grusin, who get to work with her. It is truly to be in the company of genius.

In sheer awe,

L. Kubiak
Full Name: jennifer
Home Page: http://furststaff.com
Date and Time: 3/14/2003, 7:07 PM
Comments: Ms. Fleming:
What an enjoyable evening in Milwaukee! I had put such high expectations on the evening that I began to worry there was no way those expectations would be matched. Not only were they matched...they were exceeded. It was such a pleasure to meet you at the "meet & greet" session at the Pfister...definitely worth the drive from Chicago!!! You are so gracious, beautiful and generous. Thank you, again, for sharing your amazing talent with the world. Thais was fabulous and I look forward to many future performances. Best wishes! Jen
Full Name: John-Francis Keys
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/10/2003, 3:28 PM
Comments: I have seen Renée Fleming in Paris twice now. Once in Der Rosenkavelier and the other in Rusalka. Both performances were wonderful. I am currently sitting here in agony waiting for a kidney stone to appear and the only thing that keeps me sane is listing to your records. Your voice is a joy and brings a light into this troubled and often dreary world of today. God Bless you and thank you sincerely for giving us such a joy.

Full Name: David Gray
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/8/2003, 2:42 PM
Comments: Reneé what an incredible night in Rochester. None of us wanted it to end. Great seeing you. I am glad I flew up for this. Can't wait to see your next performance. Let me know how you would like me to send the pictures with everyone. I have one of Lois that she would probably want cropped. But other than that they are great pics.
Dave G .
Full Name: Ellen
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/8/2003, 8:35 AM
Comments: Dear Renee,Your concert last night (in Rochester) was so wonderful and inspiring, and I was so happy for you that you got such a home welcoming reception! Your wardrobe was just my style as well :)!! I would loved to have met you! I read your biographical info. in the paper last Sunday, and I found the details of your life fascinating. I too was a very shy (only) child; I went into nursing rather than follow my heart as a singer. I had ability, but not the ego and drive. I'm an "older" singer now, and am singing as a cantorial soloist, and I have a singing position at Salem Church, your own stomping ground I hear. So vocal life is possible after youth, and it would be so educational if local singers could benefit from a workshop with you as well, if ever you have time!!!
Full Name: Bernard Holcomb
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/8/2003, 1:33 AM
Comments: Oh my goodness! I just heard Renee in Rochester and she was amazing. Not only does she have an amazing voice, but she is a real person. On top of that she is just so nice. I'm proud to be a student at Eastman and to be studying with the teacher who taught her when she was here, Mr. John Maloy.
Full Name: John-Francis Keys
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/28/2003, 3:52 PM
Comments: Hi

I am British and live in France. I am so glad I have found this website. I went to see Renée in Rusalka in Paris and I was so overwhelmed but the beauty of her voice and the reality of her performance. I did not for one moment thing "Oh I am seeing Renée Fleming". What I saw and heard was this wonder nymph who had so sadly fallen in love with a mere mortel. It was so convincing - I just cried.

Thank you Renée for making this sad world so much lovelier.

PS When are you coming back to Europe?
Full Name: Gabriel Perez
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/28/2003, 8:21 AM
Comments: Thank you for being such a wonderful artist committed to beauty.
Full Name: Maggie Keller
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/26/2003, 2:33 PM
Comments: I heard Renee many moons ago at the Spoleto Arts Festival and she was wonderous. I am grateful to be able to keep hearing that voice. Many wishes of abundance and joy to you!
Full Name: Julien AUBARD
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/25/2003, 7:18 AM
Comments: I just want to thank Renée Fleming for so many sumptuous and brilliant moments.
Full Name: joshua van dyne
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/24/2003, 8:22 PM
Comments: CONGRATS! on your second grammy award. it was a much deserved honor. is there any plan to tackle any other germanic strus roles (ariadne, chrysantemus...?)
with love
Full Name: Lora Myers
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/24/2003, 1:45 PM
Comments: I am a classical voice major,and Renee is definitely an inspiration to me. She's unbelievable!
Full Name: Melissa Sagmoe
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/24/2003, 8:37 AM
Comments: Incredible voice!! I can only dream of singing like that!! Great web site! Thanks.
Full Name: Barbara Joabson
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/24/2003, 2:21 AM
Comments: Congrats on winning the Grammy. It was such a thrill to be your handmaiden in "Thais". I will always treasure the memories. You are fabulous!

Barbara, The pate-maker
Full Name: sam mallin
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/22/2003, 1:24 AM
Comments: when will you honor us with a cd of some of
smericas great song writers. I know your selection will be impeccable.
Full Name: Katherine Jones
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/16/2003, 8:09 PM
Comments: Renee,

I am a 21 year old, junior coloratura soprano at the University of Oklahoma. I am a huge fan of your work and I would like to be an apprentice of yours once I graduate. I would love to sing for you sometime or just meet you to ask you questions about our craft. I am still learnig and honing my skills. Please contact me at (405)307-0187 or email me at JessKat@ou.edu. Thanks


Katherine Jones
Full Name: Elisabeth Sundøy
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/15/2003, 2:13 PM
Comments: When do you come to sing for us in Norway?!!
Full Name: Ann T Reed
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/15/2003, 9:48 AM
Comments: I just got your new CD with Bryn. You put a song in my heart and that is so very much needed in this crazy world.
Full Name: Jeffri Bantz
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/14/2003, 9:29 PM
Comments: Dear Renee,
Happy Birthday! I cannot get enough of your consummate artistry! Thank you for finally bringing back to singing what has been missing for so many years! The unrivaled combination of your technique, integrity to style and exquisitly beautiful instrument have certainly put you on a pedestal above all others - brought back a standard we have long missed. Especially brilliant is your recording "I Want Magic"! - so well sung and so cleverly conceived. I am eagerly anticipating your concert here in Fort Lauderdale on March 3rd. Thank you for the incredible joy you give to your fans, as well as the gift you have given the music world at large.
Full Name: Joshua Van Dyne
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/14/2003, 4:39 PM
Comments: happy birthday, to the 'casta diva' of the 'bel canto'
with fond admiration and devotion
Full Name: Shirley Joyal - (L.A. Opera Shop)
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/14/2003, 12:17 PM
Comments: Dear Renee,
I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday. Thank you for Thais in Chicago on 12/21/02. I'm looking forward to seeing you in La Traviata in Houston on 4/29/03.
Happy Valentine's Day! What a wonderful Valentine you were for your parents!
Love, Shirley
Full Name: Jack Bollinger
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/12/2003, 4:44 PM
Comments: Having just read Ann Patchett's "Bel Canto" have had difficulty not thinking about Ms. Fleming in a movie or far better an opera from the book. Many hundreds or, I hope, thousands of others have undoubtedly thought the same. Please someone make it so.
Full Name: Harold Egan
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/10/2003, 9:40 AM
Comments: I heard you sing on the Arts Channel last night. Although I was never a big fan of opera, I have always loved the classics. As my tastes are beginning to mature even further, I was taken by your beautiful voice. It's like gold! I never quite liked opera because I thought it made classic music sound too shrill. But listening to classic music sung well has made me take a second look at this fine art. I intend to buy a selection of your recordings and listen to what I have been missing over the years. If time permits, I hope to have the opportunity of listening to you perform live over the present season.
Thank you.
Full Name: M. Santana
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/9/2003, 7:33 PM
Comments: One of the greatest singers of our age! Il Pirata on the Met broadcast was stunning!
Full Name: Eileen McClenachan
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/8/2003, 8:52 PM
Comments: February 8, 2003

My husband and I were swept away by this afternoon's performance in IL PIRATA ... brava! Will look forward to hearing you again. (We,too, are from Pennsylvania ... and Happy Valentine's Day Birthday!)
Warm regards and blessings.
Full Name: John Hewett
Home Page: http://DallasSymphony.com
Date and Time: 2/7/2003, 9:19 PM
Comments: We are so excited about having you here for our season-opening Gala September 6! We're already getting deluged with inquiries about tickets!
Full Name: Angela
Home Page: http://www.angelaburkart.com
Date and Time: 2/7/2003, 4:35 PM
Comments: Renee - you are an amazing singer! Your CD recordings are perfection, and what great repertoire choices. I'm a 28-year old singer trying to figure out how to dazzle at auditions, and finding it so difficult and tiring to succeed -- so kudos to you for your great success and the work you must have had to put in.
Full Name: Lynne Milner
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/5/2003, 10:31 AM
Comments: your songs lift my suffering heart from my pain and allows my spirits to fly for a minute or two. love all your songs
Full Name: Phoebe Rusch
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/5/2003, 9:26 AM
Comments: I can't wait for your cd with Bryn Terfel! Two of my most, most, most favorite voices! Yay! Hip hip hazzah!
Full Name: Phoebe Rusch
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/5/2003, 9:19 AM
Comments: In the 2001-02 Lyric season, I was in the children's chorus of Otello. Working with Ms. Fleming was one of the best experiences of my life, as I have always idolized her. She is not only a fabulous singer, but an amiable and kind person. The conductor would alwats tell us not to bother her, but she would talk to us. She is truly an inspiration. (And she was awesome in Thais!)
Full Name: Sepideh
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/3/2003, 10:08 PM
Comments: I just want to thank you so much for sharing your unbelievable voice. When I listen to your recordings, I feel like they just give me this undescribable high. I'm a 17 year old lyric soprano, I began my vocal studies not too long ago, but I have made an enormous amount of progress and I am applying to Conservatories around the US. I really thank you inspiring me, your voice brings so much to me. If you ever have the time, I would love to get some advice from you :) Thanks Ms. Fleming...you're truely amazing!
Full Name: thomas aus old germany
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/3/2003, 2:01 PM
Comments: Liebe Fr. Fleming,
ich habe eben Mariettas Lied in einer wunderschönen Aufnahme von Ihnen gehört - ich bin total begeistert von Ihrer herrlich natürlichen Stimme und der faszinierenden Interpretation!
Danke, danke, danke!!!!!!
Full Name: Karen Gaskins
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/3/2003, 12:14 PM
Comments: I just want to say, go girl! I've been listening to you since your I want magic album and I sing a lot of the songs you sang. But I like your voice better on the Trees on the mountain. Your voice is heavier than mine so it has more power and I liked the interpretation. I would love to haer your violetta. I'm a lyric coloratura and it tends to be more ringy--clear and sensuous for a small instrument but I also like the bigger instruments like your voice and Marilyn Horne, too along with Beverly Sills and Anna Moffo and the others. Do you have good tips or are you going to record La Traviata soon? I'm always looking for fresh and new ideas of how to interpret character especially characters that are larger than life. Karen Gaskins and Good Luck!
Full Name: Adèle
Home Page: http://groups.msn.com/AdeleFalk
Date and Time: 2/1/2003, 1:35 PM
Comments: Hey! I saw you in Thais! You where amazing! It was very beautiful, and I just thought you should know! Thank you!
Full Name: Will Berger
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/22/2003, 1:40 AM
Comments: I was first drawn to Ms. Fleming because of the NPT special, "Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero." Even more than her singing was the integrity and authenticity of her being that came through everything she said. Now that I'm buying every CD I can find of hers that sense of self shows in everything she sings. I'm an amateur accompanist as well as a Presbyterian pastor who loves the human voice. Her voice says more than I could say in a thousand sermons. Thank you.
Full Name: Adèle
Home Page: http://groups.msn.com/AdeleFalk
Date and Time: 1/18/2003, 9:12 PM
Comments: Wow, it has been ages since I have been here and signed this thing. I can't wait till your new CD comes out! I also can't wait for next weekend! I get to see you in Thais!! YAYYYYYY!!!!! *happy bounces*

Oh guess what? I was watching your DVD again and I was just thinking how much you have improved since all those other recordings. I hope you can record some of those bel canto roles, the whole opera sometime. That would be great!! Just a thought. Cya
Full Name: Francine
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/17/2003, 2:51 PM
Comments: Renée,
I was fortunate to attend Thäis at the Lyric two weeks ago, and felt compelled to tell you how beautiful it was. I am currently pursuing an under-grad degree in vocal performance, and your performance truly inspired me. You do something which I am learning to put into my singing, and which I very much admire--you put yourself into the music and give of yourself so greatly. Music becomes so much more with that dimension, even when the character is well portrayed, as Thäis was. I really believe that music is meant to be created with the circumstances of the characters as well as the uniqueness that only comes from that kind of sharing of oneself. This kind of sharing is often risky, difficult and downright frightening, but when it is there, a special kind of connection is made between the performer(s) and the audience: one of honest humanity. This is one core reason why I sing--I want to be as honest and real as I can be. I truly felt your presence- the human Renée- even though I don't know you personally. I wanted to let you know how much that meant to me, and want to encourage you to keep it up! That kind of performance not only touches an audience, but it makes the singer dig deep down and find the most honest, beautiful,and sometimes ugly parts of themselves that can change and grow with time. It takes great courage to do this kind of soul-searching, which you must do in some way to sing as honestly and beautifully as you do. Thank you for sharing yourself and your music. You've inspired me to work even harder at my music for my next recital!
Keep singing and sharing,
Best regards,
Full Name: SwEeTiE - -> ToRi
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/17/2003, 9:19 AM
Comments: Hi Renée!! I love your music!! I sing myself. I been taking vocal lessons for some time now. I love listening to your CD's. You have a lovely voice and someday I hope to sing like you, or with you would be the best thing ever!! It wouldnt be great if you could write me back!!
Full Name: PERRIN
Home Page: http://www.jacquesperrin.com
Date and Time: 1/16/2003, 3:48 PM
Comments: Permettez moi de vous souhaiter une merveilleuse année 2003 pleine de belles choses de la vie.
Merci pour votre magnifique "Ladies and Gentlemen Miss Renée" en DVD.
J'espère qu'il y en aura de nombreux autres. Dans l'attente de vous découvrir dans "Capriccio" à l'Opéra Garnier,mille mercis du bonheur que votre voix nous apporte et nous aide dans des moments difficiles.
Je vous embrasse.
PS: serait'il possible de recevoir une photo dédicacée.
Jacques Perrin
5, avenue Gabriel Péri
F 92350 Le Plessis-robinson
Full Name: Carolyn Coefield
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/15/2003, 5:42 PM
Comments: As a young singer out beginning auditions as an "emerging professional" I have to say thank you for all of your beautiful singing. You have been an inspiration to me for years! Many Thanks! Carolyn
Full Name: Antonio Cuyler
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/15/2003, 1:38 PM
Comments: Dear Ms. Fleming,
You are one of the true outstanding American artist. Your singing is passionate and beautiful, but not without the polishing that come with a technique out of this world. I admire your artistry, but I have a friend who is just absolutely crazy about you and your singing, I would love for him to meet you, in fact I was going to try and surprise him by getting us tickets to see you in your first Violetta with Houston Grand, what do you think? I would love to hear from you at some point, and if you can think of a performance that you would want him to here, please let me know.
Full Name: Becky (Puls) Baragar
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/15/2003, 9:39 AM
Comments: It's nice to be right about someone! When we were in high school, I knew she'd go far!
Full Name: brian
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/13/2003, 11:43 AM
Comments: Your performance as Thais(1/11/03) was wonderful. Bravo.

You have a new fan.

Full Name: n lopez
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/13/2003, 6:59 AM
Comments: congratulations on your grammy award nomination. this shall silence all critics who have heavily criticised your bel canto album. you are the best ms. fleming, and i congratulate you in advance for you are going to win!i can't wait to see you in london in july at the royal covent garden for your forthcoming performance as rusalka.
Full Name: Jennifer
Home Page: http://www.furstperson.com
Date and Time: 1/8/2003, 4:13 PM
Comments: Ms. Fleming: Congratulations on your Grammy nomination for Bel Canto. It is a fabulous cd. What an incredible performance in Thais. WOW!! Thomas Hampson was great as well. I have never attended the opera before but did because of you and it was well worth it. Thank you so much for opening up a new little escape from reality to me!
Full Name: Janice Frank
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/7/2003, 10:17 PM
Comments: We saw you as Thais last night in chicago.
You are awesome and are our favorite.
Full Name: detlef zahradka
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/6/2003, 7:42 AM
Comments: cool,great,best of best

2002 Guestbook

Full Name: Todd Alexander Battles
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/29/2002, 9:56 PM
Comments: Renee:
I recently heard you belt out Danny Boy on The Prairie Home Companion (12.28.02) and was literally moved to tears. It was THE most beautiful rendition I have ever had the privilege to hear. You are an amazing talent. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Any ideas on how I might obtain a recording of that song? I'd go to long lengths to obtain one.

Information can be emailed to me or sent to:

2 Lindworth Lane
St. Louis, Missouri 63124

Many Thanks,

Todd Battles
Full Name: Stephanie Penet
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/27/2002, 8:35 PM
Comments: Yeah Rochester! Living here, I was able to attend a master class Ms. Fleming gave three years ago after a concert at Eastman. She was incredible, and so generous and helpful to the students. I am fortunate enough to attend her concert at Eastman this upcoming March, and hope I can go one-on-one with her again. Ms. Fleming, you give so much! Thank you for your marvelous contributions and leadership to the opera world. Rochester sends its love :)
Full Name: Hannah Baldwin
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/27/2002, 2:50 PM
Comments: I never really cared for opera until I heard you sing for the first time the other night on PBS.I thought it was the most beautiful music I had ever heard.
Full Name: Michael D. Kaplan
Home Page: http://www.sbhcs.com/sbimaging/staff/kaplan.html
Date and Time: 12/26/2002, 7:38 PM
Comments: Forgot to put my website
Full Name: Michael D. Kaplan
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/26/2002, 7:02 PM
Comments: Alcina is a gift from heaven. PLEASE record more Handel!!
Full Name: Michael D. Kaplan, M.D.
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/26/2002, 6:58 PM
Comments: PLEASE release more recordings, I cannot get enough of your voice.

My kids make fun of me listening to opera 24 hrs a day, but one day they will understand...
Full Name: John Angelbeck
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/20/2002, 12:13 PM
Comments: Thank you for a wonderful evening at the Opening Night Gala with the Buffalo Philharmomic orchestra. What a thrill! I hope we can attend your performance in Rochester. Happy Holidays
Full Name: Rodney Morgan Brown
Home Page: http://www.rodneybrown.com
Date and Time: 12/20/2002, 8:51 AM
Comments: "I am a definite fan"....Renee's Alcina was spell binding.....absolutely awsome. I'll be sending some of my compositions for her to comment upon.
Full Name: George Fleming
Home Page: http://www.hotmail.com
Date and Time: 12/18/2002, 7:40 AM
Comments: Hey cousin,
Just wanted to say Hi..Your awesome..Hope you have a wonderful holidays and hope to see you when you get back to the D.C area..missed you last time..hope to see you also this summer..
keep smiling beautiful...George
Full Name: Adèle Falk
Home Page: http://groups.msn.com/AdeleFalk
Date and Time: 12/17/2002, 5:30 PM
Comments: Hello! Whats up? Hows your season going? You know something? You really need to make a Christmas album. I'm jewish but I'd like to hear you sing some Christmas carols (ie. O Holy Night, in french! O come all ye faithful, in latin, you know, all that stuff) anyhow.

Well after about viewing your video like fifty times I feel like I really know you. Its a great video.

For Christmas I got my voice teacher a present, your Bel Canto album. She says she really likes it and its probably one of the best CDs she has heard in a long time. I must say that I agree with her.

I can't wait till your next CD comes out!! Luv ya lotz and I'll see you in Thais soon!!

Full Name: dan
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/16/2002, 8:52 PM
Full Name: Jessica Vargo
Home Page: http://groups.msn.com/JessicaVargo
Date and Time: 12/13/2002, 9:02 PM
Comments: Renée~
I admire you so much! You are an amazingly talented singer. I hope you are coming to Ohio sometime soon. Good luck on Thais, I wish I could see it. (I did see Die Walkure, but I won't be in Chicago during Thais.)
Merry Christmas,
Full Name: joe catoggio
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/12/2002, 5:32 PM
Comments: Dear Ms. Fleming,
My wife Kay and I thought it important you know this- the countless hours you thought no one would notice you were practicing, rather than living among us, we did; so we knew we lived.Merry Christmas to you and your family,

Joe and Kay Catoggio
Full Name: Dave Gray
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/11/2002, 8:05 PM
Comments: Hi Renee hope all is well with you. I look forward to seeing your concert in Rochester this coming March. Should be a great homecoming for you.
Dave Gray
Churchville-Chili 78 Best to Shelly and your family.
Full Name: fotis caragiannopoulos
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/11/2002, 4:39 PM
Comments: i have no words for renee fleming....one among the few "singers" that demonstrate a great voice ,technique and magnetic appearance....just one question:WHEN ARE WE GOING TO WATCH YOU PERFORMING LIVE IN GREECE?
Full Name: juan antonio berriatua
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/11/2002, 4:20 PM
Comments: From Spain i think Renee is the most wonderful singer of all times,i like very much her last album:Bel Canto.Thanks.
Full Name: Jennifer Furst
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/7/2002, 7:51 PM
Comments: What a fabulous job Prashant has done with this website. I am very excited about Renee's upcoming performance in Chicago. However, I am not a season ticket holder of the Lyric Opera. Any suggestions on the best method to get good tickets. It appears all of the evening and weekend performances are already sold out. I have a ticket broker working on it...he is thinking the Super Bowl afternoon performance may be the best option. Any suggestion are welcome. Thank you and looking forward to seeing Renee for the first time. (I have seats already for the Milwaukee performance, I think). Hope you are able to enjoy Chicago...it is a marvelous city! Although a tad cold this time of the year.
Full Name: Tanith Bryce
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/7/2002, 6:01 PM
Comments: I am an aspiring singer from Australia, and am here in NY doing some auditions for Young Artitst Programs. Just wanted to thank Ms Fleming for making the 20+hour flight to Australia for her Sydney concert last April. We LOVED it and we hope she returns in the near future for another recital!!

In regard to the 2003 schedule - is Renee Fleming performing at the Met opera in January?? She is listed on their timetable as performing, but I noticed it is not on the website schedule. PLEASE tell me there is some mistake!! I am so looking forward to seeing Ms Fleming live in the Met theatre!!

Yours sincerely,

Tanith Bryce.
Full Name: Adèle Falk
Home Page: http://groups.msn.com/AdeleFalk
Date and Time: 11/29/2002, 3:54 PM
Comments: Hey Renée!

Whats up? Not much here but thats what you get for living in Kansas, LOL!!

I just thought I would drop in and say how wonderful your DVD was! I got it on Wednesday. After I watched it I felt like I knew you. To bad they could not show you working on your Bel Canto CD, in my oponion that is your best disc.

Anyways, I'm going to see you in Thais pretty soon. They where almost sold out so its good we got them when we did. (We being my dad and me.)

Believe it or not I still don't have all your CDs. I don't have the Schaubert (I prob butchered his name, oops.) Lieder yet, I usually don't like german lied but if you'r singing it, it can't be bad. :grin:

I hope your family and you had a good Thanksgiving!!

Also--your kids are really cute!

Keep up the good work! Cya.

Full Name: Chris Gist
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/29/2002, 1:38 PM
Comments: My husband and I heard you on the 9/11 tribute. You were absolutely breath-taking! We'll be listening and looking for concert opportunities to see you here in the Midwest.
Full Name: Chris Gist
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/29/2002, 1:33 PM
Comments: My husband and I heard you on the 9/11 tribute. You were absolutely breath-taking! We'll be listening and looking for concerts opportunities to see you here in the Midwest.
Full Name: Mr Brian Thompson
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/26/2002, 1:30 PM
Comments: Listened to the programme on Classic FM yesterday,25th November. I first heard you on BBC TV - Lesley Garrett Programme, where you sang Summer Time, since then I am now a Fan.
Best Wishes for the Future
Brian Thompson
Full Name: Mr Brian Thompson
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/26/2002, 1:30 PM
Comments: Listened to the programme on Classic FM yesterday,25th November. I first heard you on BBC TV - Lesley Garrett Programme, where you sang Summer Time, since then I am now a Fan.
Best Wishes for the Future
Brian Thompson
Full Name: Toan Pham
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/23/2002, 4:34 AM
Comments: When are you planning to go to California (singing Violetta)? I wish i had gone and see your recital when you came to california last year but i just missed it. are you planning to record manon? last question, i have the dvd of Streetcar, there were several scenes where you smoke and/or in scenes where others smoke, were you afraid of hurting your vocals (i was really worried), or did they used some kind of theater cigarrette?
Full Name: Gigi Amthor Bull
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/22/2002, 11:20 AM
Comments: It is so incredibly wonderful to listen to you, and to watch your performances. I was at Potsdam State College back in 1979-1982 training as an actress/ el ed teacher and we met and were in the same acting class. You are such an inspiration to us all. Thanks.....Gigi
Full Name: Serge Pigot
Home Page: http://www.pigot.net
Date and Time: 11/22/2002, 8:02 AM
Comments: I'm so happy when I hear you. I hope you will come soon in Paris. Thank you for your voice and interpretation.
Best regards.
- Serge -
Full Name: Adèle
Home Page: http://groups.msn.com/AdeleFalk
Date and Time: 11/21/2002, 2:19 PM
Comments: Wow! Its been ages since I've been in here.

Well anyway I think I should wish you luck on your season.

I can't wait till your DVD comes out! I know I'm going to buy it!

My computer at home broke down so I thought I should sign in anyway and tell you hello. Hope you have a great year!

My year is going by fast! It seems like only yesterday when I last signed this, and really it was like three months ago.

Sorry~Gatta run~~
Luv ya lotz~~~
Full Name: joshua van dyne
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/12/2002, 10:50 AM
Comments: thank you. recently i moved from nyc to san francisco and was utterly dismayed to find out that you were premiering il pirata at the MET, on my birthday only after i had moved. i have been an avid fan who has tracked your career and seen you in many productions and recitals all over the world, and was thrilled to hear that you were lending your gorgeous voice and superb dramatic interpretation to imogene. i was once told that there is one voice for people who have a passion for opera that defines the reason they love the medium. a voicxe that illustrates the passion, the understanding and the plight of the characters which it portrays and essentially is the reason for an opera lover to get opera. for me, you embody this voice, and as i have seen you before and reveled in the electricity which you generate on the stage, your portrayal of imogene on saturday november 9 was flawless and breathtaking. i was brought to climax after climax as you soared on the high notes, interpreted her pain and suffereing, floated across the stage in your regal gowns, and blended beautifully with gaultiero for the most sumptuous of love duets. however, the mad scene made me realize that i was bearing witness to a very special evening of operatic theatre. i knew that you knew that you had nailed it that night, and i was overjoyed to have that birthday present, well worth flying across the country for. thank you, renee for bringing me such joy through your work, and please, please please continue to take chances as your courage in exploring new musical territory and your triumphant conquering of each and every endeavor you undertake is a testament to the truth that you are indeed a casta diva, prima donna lighting up recital halls and opera houses all over the world.
Full Name: Larry S. Miller
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/10/2002, 4:35 PM
Comments: Several months ago you did an interview on NPR with Ann Patchett, the author of the book Bel Canto. In that interview you sang a song that really moved me. I am a novice on Opera, and since then have been trying to find the name of that Opera. When your CD Bel Canto came out I went and bought it, thinking it would be on there.
While I am delighted with that CD I still have not found the first one I was looking for. This morning on NPR you did an interview with LeAnne Hansen, primarily on the Bel Canto CD. I went to the NPR site and from there to your site.

Please forward me the name of that origingal inteview opera so I can buy that CD.

Thank you, and sincerely

Larry Miller
Full Name: David Anné
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/10/2002, 2:26 AM
Comments: I saw Miss Fleming in recital at the Chan center in Vancouver in april 2001...The most beautiful performance, the most amazing Voice. It is hard to explain how crazy it was to hear that sound coming at you with no speakers, nothing seperating you form her...at the autograph session after, she was most gracious.
Full Name: Steve Reagan
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/8/2002, 8:39 PM
Comments: I have thouroughly enjoyed the Bel Canto CD!!
Full Name: Adèle
Home Page: http://groups.msn.com/AdeleFalk
Date and Time: 11/3/2002, 2:40 AM
Comments: I can't wait till your DVD comes out!! I am so going to buy it! You look so pretty in the pic from it!! Those pics from Bel Canto, Opera News (your cover issue!!) and the DVD look great!! ;)
Full Name: Catherine Perman
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/31/2002, 8:24 PM
Comments: Dear Ms. Fleming:

What an honor it is to be able to tell you personally
what a delight you are to the opera world. As a fellow
soprano (spinto-drammatico), it's great to see such a
classy professional with amazing consistency and
versatility besides balancing your family life. You are
truly the epitome of the 21st Century DIVA and it's my
pleasure to tell you so. You go girl!! A great inspiration
to us all.

Of course, I am curious how you endure the vigorous
performing schedule. How do you overcome jet-lag,
climate changes, allergies which plague all of us
performers? I'm hoping you are completely human in
this area and have some tips. I personally have had
an amazing journey in this particular area to constantly
overcome and curious how other singers' feign. Your
input would be highly valued.

Warm regards,
Catherine Perman
Full Name: Adèle
Home Page: http://groups.msn.com/AdeleFalk
Date and Time: 10/25/2002, 9:04 PM
Comments: Sorry long time no make an entry. Just popping in to say hi--I'm going to see you in Thais soon! Yay! *bounces*
Full Name: Philip G. Harwood
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/22/2002, 10:00 PM
Comments: Dear Renee:

I am about to sound like a gushing admirer, but I just cannot help it. Your presence and voice are like a shining ray of sunlight on a warm summer morning. I do own almost all of your recordings, with the exception of the Four last songs of Strauss and Dvorak's Rusalka, but I am sure they will join my continuously growing music library soon. If I were to choose one Renee Fleming moment which was so beautiful that it moved me to tears, it would have to be when you recorded "I have Dreamt", from Bernard Herrmann's Wuthering Heights. Here is an opera which Herrmann, known for his wonderful and mysterious film scores, spent most of his life working on and refining. It would be wonderful if you were to record or perform this opera, since it is rarely performed, and I believe has only been recorded once (by the composer) in the late 1960s. Your most recent release, Bel Canto, is superb! Thank you for the many wonderful and glorious sounds that you contribute to the opera world today. I. for one, am completely satisfied and overjoyed with everything you do. Thank you!
Full Name: Gilberto Achay
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/21/2002, 6:22 PM
Comments: Two reasons that I am so fond of Renee's "Bel Canto." First, she brings to these coloratura roles larger, warmer vocals, where they have been desperately missed since the days of Callas and Sutherland, in addition to the opulence of her towering chest notes which neither of them possessed. Bel canto has for the past 30-or so years been the province of thin-girl voices, so this is a refreshing change. And second, the album is a showcase for her dramatic artistry. Her superb, psychologically moving embellishments allow us to "visualize" and imagine how she would present them on stage, and affect her facial expressiveness. A tough feat to accomplish (Callas and Beverly Sills were two of only a few who could do this) given bel canto. Terrific stuff (especially the Bellini scenes)! Thanks Renee -- an opera fan in the Midwest.
Full Name: John Heer
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/21/2002, 5:57 PM
Comments: When I was tring to decide what to give my parents for Christmas this year (what do you give two people who have everything) I could think of nothing more wonderful than the gift of your voice. We are all looking forward to your concert on March 7,2003 when you return to Rochester. From one Churville-Chili alum to another, you've made us all proud. Keep up the fantastic work and hope you get back to Rochester very soon.
Full Name: Gilberto Achay
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/21/2002, 5:54 PM
Comments: On September 11th I had the pleasure to be at Orchestra Hall (Minneapolis) to hear (and see) Renee perform Strauss' moving "Four Last Songs," and I must say that she was nothing short of brilliant. Beyond her endless vocal gifts is also her talent of "feeling" the text (which she shaped into lyrics, as she usually does), visible in her face, eyes, and gestures. This was especially the case in "O Silver Moon" from Dvorak's Rusalka, an aria she movingly delivered in encore.
Full Name: Denise Trautmann
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/18/2002, 12:59 PM
Comments: My name is Denise Trautmann, and I am a coloratura soprano. I am currently studying with tenor William Watson, do you know him? He is a fan of yours, and wants me to imitate your beautiful classical vocal techniques. By the way, good luck with Lyric Opera-Thais, etc.

Yours truly,

Denise Trautmann
Full Name: joshua van dyne
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/15/2002, 11:01 AM
Comments: Have waited patiently to hear you again. last time was january at carnegie hall where you made my night by beautifully singing casta diva as your final encore. was moved by your arabella, admire your foray in bel canto and am flying back to ny to see il pirata on my 27th birthday. brava, bella donna.
Full Name: Peter Ganteaume
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/12/2002, 6:52 PM
Comments: I am counting the days to see and HEAR the greatest soprano of our age at the Met next month. I am travelling form Trinidad in the West Indies for the privilege.

Long may you fillour lived with joy.
Full Name: Andrea
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/11/2002, 11:54 AM
Comments: How can I begin to tell you how touched I am by your singing. You have inspired me to continue with my own training. I have never had the opportunity of hearing you in person, but I have enjoyed your cd's. I only hope to one day reach your level of talent. I am still just a prodige and have a lot to learn, but thank you for the dreams you have unknowingly given me.
Full Name: Vanessa Houssian
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/8/2002, 8:53 PM
Comments: It was an inspiration to hear your interpretation of Arabella at the Met.
Full Name: Stephanie Slaughter
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/4/2002, 11:35 PM
Comments: You remind me of why I started singing in the first place. I started singing to find the true meaning behind every song. You do it without even trying. I respect that so much.
Full Name: norberto
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/3/2002, 11:58 AM
Comments: i have never been a huge follower of classical music and sopranos however when i heard ms. fleming's "bailero", the song and specially her pure creamy and tremulous voice swept me away. i play the song non-stop, though i don't understant what it means, i find myself moved and touched. i'm from scotland and i can't wait to watch her perform live.
Full Name: Christopher Brooks
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/27/2002, 1:07 PM
Comments: I am a devoted fan of Renee and would love to see some higher quality photographs of her in the "Pictures" section of this website. A woman as attractive as Renee deserves photos that flatter her accordingly.
Full Name: Linda Kaumeyer
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/25/2002, 7:18 PM
Comments: Thanks for all your work and the comprehensive information on this site. Western New York was thrilled with Renee's visit on September 21 with the Buffalo Philharmonic and her extended time after the concert with young music students and fans.
Full Name: Miss Cecilia Tryers
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/24/2002, 4:51 PM
I want to say how much I enjoy Bel Canto.
It is truly a work of art, which makes me catch my breath in anticipation and admiration at the sheer beauty and skillfulness and the vocal
acrobatics! Bravo!
Full Name: Barry Hamilton
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/21/2002, 3:35 PM
Comments: Thank you for a truly magical evening at the Faenol Festival in Wales, UK, August 23rd. I was one of the many who shed tears of sheer pleasure during your Song to the Moon. So apt for the Faenol setting!
One of our companions that evening was a young soprano who we firmly believe is destined for a great career. On her behalf, thank you for an unforgetable performance!
Full Name: Andrea Pope
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/21/2002, 11:35 AM
Comments: Looking forward to your concert in Buffalo tonight. The Opera community here needs to know what great American voices there are. Thanks for coming.
Full Name: Toan
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/21/2002, 5:19 AM
Comments: i just love your noice -- i melt everytime i hear you sing...when are you going to be in the Los Angeles area? i want to go and hear you live.
Full Name: Alexandra Loutsion
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/21/2002, 4:28 AM
Comments: I am a nineteen year old soprano currently stuyding voice at Ithaca College with the career plan of becoming a professional opera singer/collegiate professor. I just want to let you know, Ms. Fleming, that you are an inspiration to me. Whenever I find myself questioning whether I should be taking this career path, all I have to do is listen to track 1 on your American Arias cd "I have dreamt" and my faith is reaffirmed. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world; you truly have no idea what your voice and passion for your art does for me. Thank you for everything that you never new you gave to me. :) Sincerely, Alexandra
Full Name: Rose Marie Jennings
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/18/2002, 4:04 PM
Comments: I am a retired vocal music teacher and in my humble estimation you have the finest female voice I have ever heard. I am looking forward to hearing you in concert in Rochester,N.Y. on March 3rd with my daughter and three granddaughters, one of whom is following in my footsteps at Fredonia studying Music Ed. I believe she knows your half brother. We listen to you on a program out of Buffalo called "Classics By Request" which is on FM radio every Saturday evening. We are die hard fans!!! I am pleased to have found this site.
Full Name: Ray Hofmann
Home Page: http://www.chaselakefoundation.com
Date and Time: 9/15/2002, 1:38 AM
Comments: Renée,
What an eloquent and inspiring moment! Bravo!
Your presentation of "You'll Never Walk Alone" healed the the souls of thousands, and touched the hearts of millions. I searched the Web tonight to hear it one more time. Your performance was unforgetable. Please record and share this song with the world. You're on your way in making Renée a household word in this country. Please continue to let your light shine.
Best wishes,
Full Name: Broni Ignatova
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/14/2002, 6:13 PM
Comments: Renee is magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!
Full Name: Maxine Sander
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/13/2002, 1:09 AM
Comments: Dear Renee: Hearing you sing "I'll Never Walk Alone" at the Concert For America last night was my introduction to your most gorgeous voice rich in every beautiful tone, flowing from the depths of your being and expressing purity, strength, vitality, integrity, compassion, supreme control, freedom, and so much more. Thank you for achieving such perfection and sharing it with the world. Now I know that I can hear you on your CDs as well. I'll start collecting.
Full Name: Billie-Jean Lee
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/12/2002, 2:59 PM
Comments: I watched and listened last night on "Concert for America" the most glorious voice I have ever heard in my life singing "You'll never walk alone". I did not know who this woman was but I searched today only to find her name was Renee Fleming. I cannot express properly the beauty in your voice. You are truly blessed with a magnificent gift. I wept through the entire performance. Thank you for sharing with us. Words cannot express what I felt while you sang. Please record that song so that we may listen to it again - over and over.....Thank you again.
Full Name: Jim B Green
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/12/2002, 12:08 PM
Comments: You stole the show at the September 11th concert in Washington, DC. I said, "Who is this lady with such a powerful voice and such emotion." Luckily, I was recording the concert and upon playing the tape again I could see the name "Renee Fleming" on a big screen at the side of the stage. I will be listening for your voice in the future. Thanks from the Hawaiian Islands.
Full Name: Adéle Falk
Home Page: http://groups.msn.com/AdeleFalk
Date and Time: 9/12/2002, 10:46 AM
Comments: I can not get over what an excellent singer you are. Keep up that beautiful voice!! Your Bel Canto CD left me saying "Encore!" (hint hint) *wink* (hint hint)
Full Name: Martin and Roberta Rein
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/12/2002, 8:53 AM
Comments: Your rendition of " Never walk alone" last night was unbelievable. It made us both cry. Bravo Bravo. Please let us know when it is available on CD.
Marty and Roberta Rein
Full Name: Ron Rex
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/11/2002, 11:21 PM
Comments: I saw your performance on NBC at The Kennedy Center, which was part of the 9/11 anniversary. I never realized that "You never walk alone" could sound so beautiful. You were absolutely magnificent!
Full Name: Renard Blanc
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/11/2002, 10:06 PM
Comments: I just saw the Concert for America and had the great blessing to hear you sing "You'll Never Walk Alone." It is one of my favorite songs, having first heard it on the original Broadway cast album of Carousel, and then again on the album of the movie. Never have I heard it sung so beautifully, and so appropriately chosen for this day of remembrance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Full Name: Phil Willows
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/11/2002, 9:46 PM
Comments: I heard you tonight during the "Concert for America" I still have the goose bumps. Bravo.

Thank you from an American.
Full Name: Elliott Hairston
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/31/2002, 1:30 AM
Comments: Words cannot express how enthralled I am about the subliminal artistry of this phenomenal artist. Ms Fleming's voice reminds me of some of the greatest divas of the past, particularly Leontyne Price, and Te Kanawa, but yet it is distinctly her own, combining sensual beauty of tone, unbelievable power, along with a staggering coloratura technique that always leaves me astounded. It is quite difficult to say which of her solo albums is my absolute favorite. However, if I had to choose, it would have to be her new BEL CANTO RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!UNBELIEVABLE. THANK YOU RENEE FOR CONFIRMING WHY I LOVE THIS SINGING STYLE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Full Name: Adele Falk
Home Page: http://groups.msn.com/AdeleFalk/
Date and Time: 8/29/2002, 11:19 AM
Comments: Here is the review of your "Bel Canto" CD I posted on http://www.amazon.com

Renée Fleming: "Bel Canto"

(Five out of five stars)

This CD is incredible, this is the best work that Renée has ever done, making me want to listen to her more and more. To be honest, I did not expect Renée to do that great of a job on this CD, because, well, I usually like her better in the Mozart roles, and I still think that Renée would make the most amazing Pamina (Magic Flute) but this CD opens up many more doors, role wise, as far as her opera career goes. It proves to me, and other fans, that Renée can do more then just the heavy roles of Mozart.

The best tracks on this CD are the ones from composers such as Donizetti, Rossini, most of the Bellini tracks, just avoid tracks 1-3, the arias are not for her voice. On a happier note, she has improved so much--her high notes don't sound as if she is singing in a falsetto range, showing her range has expanded, and her coloratura has gotten so much better, her trills are real trills, none of that fake stuff that Sills used to get away with, her range is much better, it used to be that any higher than a high C and it would sound shrill, but now, I look forward to hearing an aria where she hits a high Eb.

Her vocal control has also improved a great deal, she doesn't swoop and slide as much as she once did, like she did on her self titled "Renée Fleming" CD. Judging from the track "Ah! Non sai qual prestigio si cela", (Donizetti)Renée would make an amazing Norina in "Don Pasquale." Her Rossini tracks are great as well, the "Bel raggio lusinghier" makes me think that Renée will make a pretty good Rossina in "Barber of Seville" one of these days. The other good stand out recordings where the "Il pirata" tracks, and she is singing the leading soprano role in that at the Met this season (2002-2003) and I think that it will fit her quite well. If you used to not like Renée because of that swooping and sliding stuff that she once did, then buy this, because, none of that stuff is on here. Renée's technique, and control are much better, except for that high note in track nine...(other than the high note the aria is superb) has she ever heard of transposing or not?? (Maybe she does not believe in transposing, but then again I have no room to talk because I don't either.)

On the other hand, I would avoid the "La sonnambula" tracks because they just do not fit her voice. They are for a bigger voice, like Callas or Sutherland. It kind of reminds me of Renée's "Casta Diva" which, I did not like, that is for a bigger voice. Thank god she did not try to record it again!

You really must get this CD. Renée has improved so much since the last CD she recorded, and it shows what she can do, and not what she thinks she can do or would like to do. (Like the "Casta Diva" on an older CD, which was just NOT for her voice.)

Buy this CD, and enjoy listening to the bel canto repertoire the way it should be sung. Bel canto comes from the italian, meaning "beautiful singing," and that describes this CD perfectly, it really is "Bel Canto", or "Beautiful Singing."
Full Name: Joel Greenspan
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/28/2002, 12:46 PM
Comments: If I were Miss Fleming I would be having a diva fit right now. Visit Universal's B2B site, umvd.com, and try to find 8/27 classical n/r info.
Look at the press release for "Bel Canto" - there's more info about Ann Patchett than Renée. She deserves far better. I can't even get any fresh POP for a display! During the run of "Arabella" here in Houston, Renée shopped at the Blockbuster Music who's classical dept I was then managing and very graciously thanked me for the display I set up. She was so sweet I can't imagine her playing Diva, but now I can't set up the kind of display she deserves. When I requsted material UNI (via AEC) responded with a "sorry we don't have that", and they then sent me 3 Mathias Goerne show cards! Since "Arabella" I have opened my own shop, and I would love her to stop by, if her schedule permits.
Joel Greenspan
Joel's Classical Shop
4010 Bissonnet
Houston, TX 77005
713 665 0954 v
713 665 1557 fax
Full Name: Aneurin Parry
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/26/2002, 3:50 PM
Comments: Greetings from Wales!!

Congratulations on a magnificent performance at Bryn's Faenol Festival. In particular, your rendition of Rusalka's Song to the Moon was simply breath-taking. It had a profound effect on many in the audience, myself included! It was a real privelage to meet you and I hope you enjoyed your visit to our "stuningly beautiful part of the world". Please come back to see us soon!!

Aneurin, on behalf of the driving team
Full Name: John Sykes
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/23/2002, 9:41 PM
Comments: Renee,

I was a choir student of your father's in Ridgway and have a life long love of music because of him. Listening to you brings back many warm memories of him and the brief but wonderful years of learning the beauty of music through his mentorship. I cannot tell you how proud I am of your accomplishments as are so many of your old friends in Ridgway. All the best to you, Ed and Pat.
Full Name: Barbara Toninato
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/19/2002, 12:41 PM
Comments: Carissima Renée,
it was such a great pleasure and privilege to be at your performance at London Proms yesterday. It really moved me (& yes, I did cry...I suddenly was'weak in the presence of beauty'). Your voice is so... 'magnifica'... it's impossible to describe...Canti come un angelo!!! (Me and other revellers queued for 4 hours or more but it was definitively worth it!) Most of all now I would like to apologize for what I said about your pronunciation of 'poco'after the concert. Please understand that my love for my native language is as deep as my love and respect for your art and 'bravura'. You see, I have come across a number of anglo speaking artist that might well possess a wonderful voice but that don't hesitate to massacre my beautiful language (Italian)...This is not your case I am glad to say. Your attention to detail as well as
interpretation will always give you credit. No doubt about it!...therefore please forgive my insolence! I was so overwhelmed by your actual presence that I said the first thing that came up. What I really wanted to say was 'GRAZIE!'e 'BRAVISSIMA'. Am really looking forward to your next performance here or in Italy and the publication of your new CD because... a celebration of the 'Bel Canto' it's what it is all about, after all. Saluti, Divina Signora e... a presto!
Full Name: Alejandro Prieto Chadad
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/17/2002, 2:12 PM
Comments: Querida Renne: Te he visto en Rusalka en Paris.
Has estado sobervia, estupenda. Espero poder verte otra vez. Mucha suerte. Un beso de un gran admirador desde España.
Full Name: Lizzie Enlow
Home Page: http://groups.msn.com/LizzieEnlow
Date and Time: 8/14/2002, 11:49 PM
Comments: Hey. You have an AMAZING voice. My best friend, Adele, sent me some clips of you singing and I'm just completley awed by your voice. I hope to be a famous singer one day.. but I can't count on it right now.
Full Name: Rich Mo Yi
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/11/2002, 9:53 PM
Comments: Renee Fleming in one word is AMAZING. I am her #1 fan. I LOVE YOU RENEE!
Full Name: Ed Griffin (Charles E.)
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/11/2002, 6:12 PM
Comments: Sorry Benny and I missed your "Arabella" at the Met and also did not make it to "Rusalka" in Paris. However, we are looking forward to your appearance in Ft. Lauderdale this winter. We may even catch your "Thais" in Chicago.
Full Name: Cecilia Tryers
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/9/2002, 5:34 PM
Comments: My friend and I,saw Renée in Paris in Rusalka.
She was as ever, FANTASTIC! We were also thrilled to meet her Backstage and have a super photo as a treasured momento.
We both look forward to the Prom Concert in London
on the 18 August, and 24 August in Bangor N.Wales.
Full Name: Adele
Home Page: http://groups.msn.com/ReneeFlemingFansOnlyZone
Date and Time: 8/9/2002, 6:22 AM
Comments: The URL I listed above is the URL to my new Renee Fleming site.
Full Name: Adele
Home Page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AdeleFalk
Date and Time: 8/2/2002, 2:37 PM
Comments: Dear Renee and any one else reading this--

So you are singing Violetta? Do tell all! I want to see you in this--Jan 11, 2003 Thaïs Lyric Opera of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA. That would be really fun. Now I just have to convince my dad. Wish me luck. The operas in Kansas suck... never sing in the Kansas City Lyric Opera... they really stink.

I like the Bel Canto cover. It looks really pretty. I wish I would have gotten the issue of Opera News with that picture on it.

Have you ever recorded "Dove Sono" on CD? I would really like a copy of it. I really like how you sing that aria. I saw a video of you singing the Countess. Well, actually, I bought it! No my vocal coach wants to borrow it. I'm like--"No! MY video! All mine! Go get your own!" Heheheheh.

There is a CD of yours I still need-- "Star Crossed Lovers" and a few others. I need "Bel Canto" too. Wait, its not out yet. Verdi: Requiem is something else that I need. I also would like the Angela Gheorghiu copy--I tried to dicide which one I should get but then I said "What the heak? I'll get both!" I need this too--4 Last Songs. And this...Strauss Heroines
I Want Magic!
The Schubert Album
looks really good! I want it!

Hey! Now I have a Christmas list. Fun. I'd better go now... bye!

Full Name: Eric M. Swaney
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 7/31/2002, 9:58 PM
Comments: I love your web-site!
Full Name: Evan
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 7/25/2002, 6:06 PM
Comments: Dear Ms. Fleming,
I am an 18 year old baritone from california. I really am one of your most adoring fans. I am constanly trying to force my friends to open up to opera and hear your beautiful voice. It is the only opera i want them to hear as an introduction. I first heard your voice singing scenes from eugene onegin with (forgive my spelling) dmitri hvorostovsky from avery fisher hall at lincoln center. It blew my mind. The emotional tenderness and openness with which you perform is unequaled by anyone ever, and it really opened my eyes to opera. Since then i have used your music as a study tool reguarding how to be a good musician and how to sing well. I have realized that we have similar educational backgrounds. We were both taught by our mothers. My mother attended one of your alma maters, Juilliard. she now teaches in santa barbara. It really has enriched me musically to be taught by my own blood. I was wondering if you think it may contribute to your natural quality of your voice. Anyhow, you are a huge inspiration to me and to anyone who really appreciates good music. It is great that every song and composer i love, you happen to record, or is it that as soon as i hear you singing their music it becomes my favorite. I am so happy to have been exposed to such thngs as strauss and previn through your mastery of the material. I will attend UCLA as a voice student and will continue to use your brilliance as an inspiration for my singing. Thank you for your time if you have read this. A huge fan! Evan
Full Name: Sonja
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 7/21/2002, 1:14 PM
Comments: Hi!
I remember seeing you speak at Columbia University in 2001 (or was it 2000), my friend and I ducked out of Glee Club rehearsal with the blessings of our director, Warren Brown! I was so amazed, I could not believe how remarkably down-to-earth you are for a talented star, and it was great to see you give a mini-lesson to two students who weren't singers! I also loved your "60 Minutes" interview----again, we got to see how you are such a human star! Thanks for being a good role model to those of us who sing!
Full Name: DJD
Home Page: http://geocities.com/operagirldia
Date and Time: 7/21/2002, 7:39 AM
Comments: I like the website.
Full Name: Adele
Home Page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AdeleFalk
Date and Time: 7/18/2002, 11:55 AM
Comments: To Renée Fleming and fans--
Does any body know when "Bel Canto" will be out in stores in the USA ???
Full Name: Susan Wemett
Home Page: http://www.geocities.com/susyne/sing.html
Date and Time: 7/17/2002, 11:41 PM
Comments: Ms. Fleming,

I have just finished reading an article my Aunt sent me, "American Diva" from The New Yorker, Nov. 12, 2001. I enjoyed this article very much. Since your career took off in the 1990's I have watched you, our hometown Diva, with rapt attention and pleasure.

I was very flattered to have been assigned to study voice with your mother in the late '90's but was sad I was not able to continue study that year as my husband and I separated temporarily. My most recent voice teacher states my voice sounds somewhat like yours, and I have some of the same problems which you had described in this New Yorker article. I was pleased for the opportunity to meet my birth mother, she and her family from Churchville like you, where my elder ½ sister still resides. My children are the musicians of this household now, my 10 year old daughter studying 3 instruments and has a lovely voice, my son studying 2 instruments presently and with a lovely voice as well.

My musical endeavors are now in the realm of music appreciation and I appreciate your talents and efforts even more greatly, that which you have given and continue to contribute to society. I eagerly anticipate hearing another of your performances in the Eastman this upcoming season. May God richly bless you and best wishes for your continued success.

Full Name: Adele
Home Page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AdeleFalk
Date and Time: 7/10/2002, 5:58 PM
Comments: Dear Renee,
I just got your CD, "Night Songs." It is beyond belif. It is stunning, amazing, and all songs fit your voice very nicely. Excellent! "Night Songs" is now one of my all time favorite CDs! Right up on the shelf with Maria Callas, Beverly Sills, and Joan Sutherland. Good job! I loved your 'Clair de lune' and I have never heard a more delightful rendition of 'Mandoline' in my life. You are amazing! Please go to my site, I posted the URL above. I am also a singer! Just click on the site menu when you get there, and you will see a link that says "singing clips." If you have any problems anyone, dont be shy, just email me! I might not reply right away though, I have a big concert coming up!

A devoted Renee Fan
Full Name: Adele
Home Page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AdeleFalk
Date and Time: 7/10/2002, 9:14 AM
Comments: Hey! Good luck, in opera news I saw about your part in "Othello." Good luck!
PS. I'm sure you will do fine!
Full Name: Christopher Brooks
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 7/9/2002, 1:51 AM
Comments: I've been wondering when Renee's new CD, "Bel Canto," is scheduled for release in the U.S. I've been dying to get my hands on it since I first heard about it, and I'm so jealous that France got it first!
Full Name: ariel allison
Home Page: http://expage.com/arielsqueendom02
Date and Time: 6/28/2002, 2:49 PM
Comments: Great, comprehensive page! Keep up the good work!
Full Name: Herb Patterson
Home Page: http://www.operabirmingham.org
Date and Time: 6/25/2002, 8:34 PM
Comments: There was a short article in our Sunday paper about the set falling at the Paris Opera House. I am thankful Renée and the other singer were not injured. It will make for another good story that she can tell. She's terrific on stage and off.
Full Name: Lisanlly Feliciano
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 6/23/2002, 7:07 PM
Comments: I am a voice student. As a lyric soprano I deeply admire Renée Fleming. Her voice is absolutely beautiful and the way she interpretates is wonderful. She is a great example for all voice students.
Full Name: Scott Howard
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 6/20/2002, 9:36 PM
Comments: Renee,
We love your voice.
Full Name: Rachel Smith
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 6/16/2002, 8:06 PM
Comments: I love this website, I am huge Renee Fleming fan and am glad for this website. I am 17 years old and dream of one day becoming an opera singer. Renee is my inspiration and my sanctuary. I love this site, thanks!
Full Name: Andre Vidal
Home Page: http://www.geocities.com/a_sampaio
Date and Time: 6/9/2002, 11:41 AM
Comments: Great to find a site about Renée Fleming, who has quickly become one of my all-time favorite singers. I would like to know if she has recorded - or if there are plans of doing it - Verdi's La Traviata. I can just imagine what an incredible Violetta she would do!
Full Name: Harry Hicooni
Home Page: http://geocities.com/sir_haiku/
Date and Time: 6/3/2002, 4:15 AM
Comments: slower archer masts
gates mote silence jaws births
astonishing hurl

Full Name: Kelli Pierce
Home Page: http://chanteuse.blogspot.com
Date and Time: 6/1/2002, 1:36 AM
Comments: Renee Fleming is the reason that I continue to love and obsess over opera. I love my musical career and her career is partially due to that.
Full Name: Gewinnspiele
Home Page: http://www.gewinnspiele.li
Date and Time: 5/28/2002, 11:31 AM
Comments: Gut gelungene Seite - werd hier mal öfters vorbeischauen ;-) Grüsse Ralph/Berlin
Full Name: Elizabeth Makinson
Home Page: http://hometown.aol.com/ivey414/myhomepage/index.html
Date and Time: 5/24/2002, 1:38 PM
Comments: Wonderful site.
Full Name: Eli
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/23/2002, 11:27 PM
Comments: I've never heard anyone, other than Kate Smith, sing God Bless America as movingly as Ms. fleming did at the WTC site.
Is there a posibility that there will be either a CD with GBA on it, or a single?
Full Name: Barbara Noden
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/22/2002, 9:20 AM
Comments: Did anyone see the British ITV Southbank feature on Renee Fleming? She sang in a dark red dress a (Strauss?) song about lost love (Happiness that once was mine). What is the song? Is it from the Four last songs or Der rosenkavalier or what ? Help would be wonderful!
Full Name: Larry N. Poole
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/20/2002, 8:11 PM
Comments: I viewed your London Proms concert with Christof Eschenbach and the Philharmonia on Ovation about two weeks ago and was overwhelmed by it. I never thought I would ever hear anyone equal Elizabeth Schwartzkopf in Strauss' Vier Letzte Lieder, but you were more than her equal. I rushed out the next day and bought every CD of yours I could find, brought them home and spent the rest of the day with your glorious voice and artistry. Believe me, I am not given to gushing over opera singers. It is most uncharacteristic of me. You have joined Renata Tibaldi, Jussi Bjorling, Kirsten Flagstad, Lauritz Melchior, Schwartzkopf, Kathleen Ferrier, Maureen Forrester, Leonard Warren and perhaps, a dozen others whom I esteem most highly as the pinnacle of vocal art. I look forward to hearing and seeing you in the opera house and the concert hall.

With great admiration,

Larry N. Poole
Full Name: Sonya Henry
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/15/2002, 8:35 PM
Comments: I am an aspiring diva and also have a B.S. in Music Education. I would like if we could get a more personal look at Renee's background, such as why did she decide to become a singer and not a teacher like her parents, what is her practice routine, and her philosophy of music education and singing.
Full Name: Monica Szabo
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/12/2002, 7:43 PM
Comments: Thank you, Renee, for the beauty that you bring into the world!
Full Name: iris and Sue Greidinger
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/11/2002, 10:18 PM
Comments: As fans of both Renee Fleming and Andrea Bocelli,
we are appalled by the attack on both of them by John Bence,
Executive Producer of A&E Breakfast with the Arts.
Mr. Bence started by crudely insulting Bocelli in
the A&E newsletter. When a fan protested that "A
number of other singers and conductors of renown
have spoken favorably about his voice as well as
his devotion to opera" (note that she did not
specifically mention Renee Fleming), Mr. Bence
responded with the following statement: "About the
singers and conductors who have spoken favorably
about Bocelli...this is a money issue. Mehta will
do anything for money. He is shameless. Renee
Fleming wants to become a household name, and what
better way to expand your audience than to sing
with a popular singer like Bocelli. Don't forget
that Fleming is also on that truly awful Michael
Bolton opera." We thought that Renee Fleming
already is a household name in opera households!
If you would like to comment to Mr. Bence, his
e-mail address is: john.bence@aetn.com

Iris and Sue

Full Name: Randy Degenkolb
Home Page: http://yourinter.net/degenkolb
Date and Time: 5/6/2002, 11:05 AM
Comments: Renee,
I am a County Commissioner of Indiana County, Pennsylvania. We will be celebrating the county's bicentennial in 2003. I will forward more information about this soon but in the meantime please give consideration to the possibility of coming 'back home to Indiana' next year. We would love for you to be part of this exciting celebration. I realize how busy you must be and I am hoping that your schedule will permit you to come back if you desire to. I'll be in contact.
Full Name: Ms. G.McReynolds
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/2/2002, 10:41 AM
Comments: As I live in London, England, I would like to knowwhen Ms.Fleming is coming over again. I missed her last perfance at the Barbican. (I did not know until too late!)
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/30/2002, 2:43 PM
Comments: Dear Renée I wish you a rose, because only a rose could be as beautiful as your voice.
Gordon in the UK.
Full Name: Beth Leslie
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/29/2002, 4:00 PM
Comments: Ms. Fleming's bio says she was born in 1959 in Indiana PA and grew up in Rochester NY. I would like to know at what age (or what years) she lived in Ridway, PA. I'm sure she was in grade school with me. I remember a school concert where a little blonde girl with an incredible voice put us all to shame. I was born in March 1959.
Full Name: Molly
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/29/2002, 12:24 PM
Comments: Ms. Fleming,
I'm now a freshman in college at Clemson, and this spring took my first set of voice lessons. I enjoyed it so much and have you to thank partly. You were my mommy in The Marriage of Figaro (the second time it was at Spoleto in Charleston). I enjoyed that experience so much, even though I was six, and will always treasure it. A few years ago I saw you in concert and went to see you afterwards. You asked if I had pursued voice, and sadly I had not. However, now I am, and am so glad. You have such a beautiful voice and I admire you so much. When my voice teacher told me that my tone quality was similar to yours I was ecstatic! Okay, well I've rambled enough. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks for being such a great mommy during Figaro and I wish you the best in everything.
Molly Ball
Full Name: Michael Hibbard
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/26/2002, 10:10 PM
Comments: After seeing Ms.Fleming final Australian concert in Brisbane(April 17th),I cannot imagine I will see a finer vocal concert in my lifetime,and she rearded the loudly appreciative audience with seven encores.Amazing.No other vocalist today can sing "Over the Rainbow",and make you forget that it has become a hackneyed old camp tune,and remind you that it's a masterfully written popular song that rings true today.I stamp my feet again thinking of it.
Full Name: Judy (Ryan) Ringholz
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/26/2002, 1:01 AM
Comments: I'm so proud of you. I get a big kick out of saying, "We've sung on stage together." Of course, I don't immediately mention that we were in the 7th grade. Learned this week that you'll be in Houston again next year. Perhaps if we start planning now, we can actually get together while you're here. I'll send my contact info to the addresses listed on your web page.
Love, Judy
P.S. This year's photos are gorgeous (as always)!
Full Name: Christopher Brooks
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/24/2002, 9:46 PM
Comments: Dear Ms. Fleming,
I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your singing ever since I first heard you at Marilyn Horne's farewell concert at San Francisco Opera. That was probably the most beautiful rendition of "Summertime" I've ever heard. I've also attended some of your recent performances at Davies Symphony Hall, including your spectacular recital with Jean-Yves Thibaudet and the Emily Dickinson/Four Last Songs Concert with MTT. I admire how hard you have worked to perfect your technique and equally impressive musicianship. I'm a 20 year old tenor, and your example will continue to be a great inspiration for me as I study singing. I especially love your interpretation of the French repertoire and would love to hear you sing more "bel canto" as well. I know Imogene and Violetta will be great for you, and I've always thought you would make an amazing Lucia. I may have to visit Houston next Spring to see your first performance of Traviata. I hope you plan on returning to San Franciso sometime. You have a lot of fans here who will miss you until you do!
Full Name: Alston Unwin
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/18/2002, 9:02 PM
Comments: Last Wednesday evening in the Concert Hall, Brisbane, Australia I was one of the cheering, appluading, "stomping", audience which was mesmerised by Miss Fleming's performance.

One critic wrote that "this was a concert to tell your grandchildren about" and this is true. I told my Eliza (aged 18 months)about it all. She promised to keep up her music and dramatic art studies as she could see how powerfully her grandfather had been exhilarated by the performance.

Thank you Miss Fleming and come back soon. As you said we do have wonderful sunsets.

Alston UNwin MD
Full Name: Kurt A Lerps
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/18/2002, 7:58 PM
Comments: I just wanted to thank you for the one of the most uplifting and positive nights I have spent in a longtime. I attended your concert in Brisbane and your whole performance was one of the best I have ever attended. Being an ex-New Yorker, I remember the old Met with Tebaldi, Moffo, etc. You brought back great memories of the great divas - may you continue to prosper and bring joy to all who hear you. God bless!
Full Name: Sandra Amorosi
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/17/2002, 6:16 PM
Comments: If I could sing half as well as you I would be happy. I was at your recital in Melbourne and was blown away by the whole experience. It was a first for myself to hear a singer of your standard, sensitivity, skill and interpretation. You were truly amazing and I realized then that I still have much to learn with my own studies. I feel very lucky to have heard you and feel that your voice, your artistry, YOU, have reconfirmed that much potential still exists in the musical world today.
Many thanks
Full Name: Roger
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/17/2002, 6:02 AM
Comments: I was at you concert in Adelaide Australia and sat there in tears - it was exquisite. I cannot remember being so moved. Two great gifts - your voice and the Issey Myake ! (and I guess a third, your physical beauty) I would love to see you performing an opera. However, please do not sing "It don't mean a thing" again, the irony is just too painful. Je t'embrasse.
Full Name: Ray Repp
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/16/2002, 8:50 AM
Comments: Would love to purchase tickets for Renée's performances during the 2002-2003 season. When will this schedule be listed?
Thank you,
Ray Repp
Full Name: Murray Woolley
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/15/2002, 8:05 AM
Comments: Thank you so much for coming to Australia. There is only one singer I have wanted to see and hear in recent years and it was you, the thought that you would ever come to Australia seemed to be an impossible dream.
I was at the concert in Melbourne last Thursday and to see and hear you was a time in my life that I will never forget, it truly was an evening of superb singing and incredible enjoyment.
Your generosity in singing the Japanese folk song and singing 6 encores and then sitting and signing masses of autographs with such kindness and so much thought for all of those grateful fans is a sign of a great artist.
The black dress was stunning.
I also heard the interview with Margaret Throsby on the radio, so interesting.
Thank you, thank you, tahnk you for the immense pleasure you have given us and will continue to give us through your CD's.
Murray Woolley
Full Name: alex walter
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/7/2002, 7:22 PM
Comments: Last night my wife, cousins and I were privileged to experience your warmth and artistry (not to mention your sheer stamina) at the Sydney Opera House. Along with Sir George Solti I started a love affair with your voice a few years ago after listening to your Opera Scenes and Strauss Heroines CDs.

I know nobody likes to be compared to others, but
itting back and closing my eyes I heard a richness reminiscent of Leontyne Price and Jessye Norman (you must do Porgy and Bess some time, that would be the ultimate crossover!) and during the Jewel Song from Faust the coloratura trills did not intimidate you in the slightest, with you displaying an effortlessness reminding one of Sutherland in her prime (and even beyond). The intimacy of the Strauss and Rachmaninov songs was sublime. Such an array of choices you have for your future career!!

I loved your comment at the end of your listed programme that you now felt warmed up. I knew then that we were in for a few treats, and did they flow! I would have paid the ticket price just to hear the Korngold, an aria/duet which has always affected me hugely.

I hope you didn't think we were being unduly cruel in demanding encore after encore, but being at the (perceived) bottom end of the world we usually have to wait until superstars such as yourself have exhausted all the opportunities elsewhere before we get our chance, so we wanted more, more and more, and you were gracious enough to give, give and give. Such generosity is rare and I think we showed our appreciation in the appropriate manner.

We have the most beautiful Opera House, the best city and the best climate in the world, so I hope that you have been as charmed by us as we have been by you to induce you to return in a complete opera series and enrich our lives once more as you did so warmly last night.

Carry on spreading your magic.

Full Name: Vincent
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/7/2002, 2:48 PM
Comments: Votre interprétation de Thaïs est sublime! Merci pour toute cette émotion, vous êtes une artiste superbe.
Full Name: Jose P. di Cavalcanti Jr.
Home Page: http://www.dicavalcanti.com
Date and Time: 3/30/2002, 3:08 PM
Comments: "Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly"... that's what I used to know, among so many things. Then, I was told by someone and learned that only angels could sing in a very special way. I am sure the person who told me that had heard Renée Fleming singing.
What a pleasure!!!
José P. di Cavalcanti Jr.
Full Name: Cecilia Tryers
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/26/2002, 4:02 PM
Comments: My friend and I , will be travelling to Paris in June to see Rusalka.Would love to see Renee in England more often.Is it true that she is doing Street Car, in London? If so when?Her appearence on The Southbank Show was great. We can't get enough of Miss Fleming. Warmest wishes , Celia Tryers.
Full Name: Denise Trautmann
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/26/2002, 1:06 PM
Comments: This is a revision of the last message. Sorry for my mistakes.
I am currently studying with tenor William Watson at Northern Illinois University. I am a coloratura soprano. Mr. Watson has referred me to you several times to study great vocal technique. Thank you.


Denise Trautmann
Full Name: Reginald Moore
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/25/2002, 6:28 PM
Comments: It was a pleasure meeting you in San Diego. Reginald, La Costa Limousine
Full Name: Bruno Silva
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/23/2002, 3:05 PM
Comments: I must confess I had never heard of Ms Renée Fleming before, but since I recently had the oportunity to see her performance in Glindebourne's Festival Opera as The Countess in The Marriage of Figaro, it was inevitable for me to fall in love with her and her voice.
She is a true Diva. May she bless us all with her voice for many years to come.
Full Name: gianni
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/23/2002, 9:21 AM
Comments: Il sito è molto bello, vorrei esprimere la mia ammirazione per la signora Fleming per le sue magnifiche interpretazioni e spero che in futuro si dedichi più spesso alle opere del belcanto italiano.
Full Name: Denise Trautmann
Home Page: http://www.niu.edu
Date and Time: 3/22/2002, 1:21 PM
Comments: Dear Ms. Flemming,

I am currently studying with tenor William Watson at Northern Illinois University. I am a tessitura soprano. Mr. Watson has referred you to me several times for good vocal technique. Thank you.


Denise Trautmann
Full Name: Adele Falk
Home Page: http://www.geocities.com/sopranolikemaria/Opera_Singer_s_Page.html
Date and Time: 3/19/2002, 5:23 PM
Comments: The Maria Callas of the 21st century!
Full Name: Jeffrey Schneider
Home Page: http://www.JeffreySchneider.com
Date and Time: 2/28/2002, 1:01 AM
Comments: I've enjoyed the recordings, the Met broadcasts, the telecasts, the moving Ave Maria at ground zero. Finally, Sunday night I saw you in person, your ravishing performance at the Dorothy Chandler, more satisfying than sex. Yes, you are the real thing, not derivitive, not a media creation. You're on that list, the one with with Callas, Vickers, de los Angeles, Caballe, Corelli, Scotto, Sills, Carreras, Gwyneth Jones, Melchior. The ones that move us. The ones that send chills down our spines and make us feel the music. The full house hung on your every note. You were comfortable, in contol, inspired and resplendant. The Alcina aria was an absolute masterpiece. (And by the way, my favorite recording of the last ten years). Your artistry is so well suited for Handel. Please learn more, and record them all. Please. And Cavalli and Monteverdi. There's a revival waiting for someone like you to make it happen. The Strauss, also perfectly felt and expressed. The un bel di frustrated me that you weren't singing the entire opera. (Butterfly is the one Puccini you probably should do, and soon while your voice is young and fresh. You can save Fanciulla for you vocal decline. But as the American icon you're becoming you've got to do Fanciulla one day too. Hopefully here in LA. You better start those riding lessons. The Debussy's were perfect gems and the Rachmaninov were magnificent. Boy, can you yearn. I might forget the "Jazz stuff". It just dosen't work with oeratic mannerisms. (Although you sure do it better than Kiri or anyone else who's attempted the "crossover".) And thanks for the five encores. I could have listened all night. The O Mio Babbino Caro was beautifully spun. Probably the most beautiful I've heard (and I've seen both Caballe and L.Price sing it in recital). The Mariettas Lied a joy. I even liked that "Magic" aria. It's you that make it magic.
Renee, just keep learning and loving the music, and recording as much of it as possible. And please come back to LA. a lot. We've got a bad rap, but we're a happy and sophisticated audience, more inclined to appreciate rather than criticize and we do appreciate the specialness of you and will always welcome you warmly. And by the way, I think I love you.
Full Name: Dr. Carolyn F. Leary
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/20/2002, 9:57 AM
Comments: I think she is the greatest voice of the last and present century.
Full Name: Janice Potts
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/20/2002, 6:52 AM
Comments: I am so very proud of you Renee...Aunt Rowena would have been too... see you at the family reunion... love ya.. Janice
Full Name: Joseph Fuller
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/17/2002, 7:41 PM
Comments: You have of the most beautiful and amazing voices that I have ever heard in my life. Good luck with your continued success. God Bless!
Full Name: Denise Brunnsteiner
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/16/2002, 7:05 PM
Comments: My mother and I get so much pleasure from listening to your recordings - a magical voice.
When will you finally be coming to Vienna again?
With best wishes for a successful year and everz
Full Name: Andy Read
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/16/2002, 5:25 AM
Comments: Encouraged by the amount of coverage being devoted to Renée on BBC Radio 3, I think my previous 'dislike' of opera may be disappearing!
Full Name: Adele Falk
Home Page: http://www.geocities.com/sopranolikemaria/Opera_Singer_s_Page.html
Date and Time: 2/14/2002, 6:10 PM
Comments: Viva la divina!
Full Name: Juan Duarte Cuadrado
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/14/2002, 2:51 PM
Comments: Happy birthday! I wish you all the best on this day! May you have strength, health and happiness to go on filling your admirers'lives with your magic! I will never forget your Manon at La Bastille theatre and your wonderful recital in Munich last year.
¡Felicidades and many, many happy returns!
Juan from Bratislava.
Full Name: Rainer Meisenburg
Home Page: http://www.kronen-apotheke.com
Date and Time: 2/14/2002, 10:11 AM
Comments: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum heutigen Geburtstag.
Ich hörte Sie in Ihrem Liederaband am 15.7.2001 im Münchner Prinzregententheater und wir waren alle sehr begeistert.
Wann singen Sie endlich wieder an der Bayerischen Staatsoper ?
Full Name: christie jacoban
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/13/2002, 8:13 PM
Comments: great!
Full Name: James Dillon
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/13/2002, 4:00 PM
Comments: Dear Ms. Fleming
Birthday Greetings to You!
From your Fireman Fan in Chicago.
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/8/2002, 8:34 AM
Full Name: Carla
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/6/2002, 10:43 PM
Comments: Friend of Paul's.....
Full Name: Paul Davis
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/6/2002, 10:39 PM
Comments: To My Cousin the star. It was great to see you at the family reunion and am looking forward to the next one. We are all so proud of you.
Full Name: Greg Diercks
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/5/2002, 8:13 PM
Comments: Hi! I had the great pleasure to meet you after opening night at the Lyric Opera this past fall - after Otello. You were so gracious and kind to all off us anxiously waiting to meet and greet you! Josie Campbell is a great friend of mine. She has promised me that I'll be able to greet you again after Thais next year! I'm looking forward to it!
Full Name: Marian MacLeod
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/5/2002, 12:51 PM
Comments: Renée, I am an admirer of your work, and am also a composer. I have a song I would like to send you for your consideration, a setting of Edna St. Vincent Millay's "The Philosopher." May I send it? Address, please. Thank you.
Marian MacLeod
302 Armory Place
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783-2006
Full Name: Ann Whitehead
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/3/2002, 7:25 PM
Comments: I am amazed at the times in my life that I have discovered the beauty of voices; as a 6 year old to hear for the first time Mario Lanza on an old 78rpm record played on my Grandmother's Marconiphone; as an 11 year old to remember my father singing "Long ago and Far Away" to my brother and I as a night time lullaby; as a 39 year old to witness (on TV from Carnegie Hall)for the first time Luciano Pavarotti singing "Nessun Dorma"; as a 40 year old to hear Dame Kiri te Kanawa sing the beautiful aria from "Madame Butterfly"; as a 50 year old to listen to my son (a chorister) sing "Panis Angelicus". I had never really imagined that I would hear a voice that would move me to breathtaking heights - especially a female voice. The only one that has had a resouding impact on me is Eva Cassidy - who sadly died far too young.

Tonight this now almost 55 year old tuned in to The South Bank Show (sadly very near to the end) - and heard for the first time the amazing vocal talents of Renee Fleming. WOW! Sheer perfection!

I shall be dashing off to the music shop tomorrow to buy my first CD of this wonderful lady's music.

Full Name: Matt Dillon
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/3/2002, 6:52 PM
Comments: I have just had the pleasure of watching the Sountbank show here in the U.K. Which is always a pleasure.

Renée's Story was so refreshingly told. Though I love Opera. I have to say I did not know very much about Renée. I immediately came onto the web and found this site by the link on Southbank shows website.

Not since listening to Maria Callas have I heard such a beautiful voice.

I am sure Renée tires of such comments. But the ability to be able to make a person close their eyes, hold their breath for fear of missing a single sound and to transport them to a place of beauty. Deserves to be commented upon.

Best Regards
Matt Dillon
Full Name: william p. jacob
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/2/2002, 2:41 PM
Full Name: Scott
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/1/2002, 9:24 PM
Comments: As a young tenor aspiring great things, I have to say that the largest reason for my absolute love of opera is Ms. Fleming. Her artistry continually inspired me to dig within myself and find how each song I sing fits with me as well as whatever character I may be emoting. You can hear her "love" every note while she sings. Just absolutely phenominal.
Full Name: Joyce Watson
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/31/2002, 4:50 PM
Comments: I am looking forward to seeing Renee in Los Angeles next month, just disappointed I hadn't noticed she wasn't doing the same concert in London this month! She is a fabulous singer and a true diva - she just isn't around enough but we can't have everything.
Full Name: Teri Smyth
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/31/2002, 8:47 AM
Comments: I simply marvel at the beauty of your voice, there are many singers out there, but none with as much passion and soul.
But when are you coming to England? I would love to hear you in concert. Best wishes Teri
Full Name: Tommy D.
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/30/2002, 2:43 AM
Comments: Finally, a soprano with some soul, I haven't heard this type of singing with this much soul in it since Leontyne Price. I first saw your "Depuis le jour" on the James Levine 25th Anniversary program and I was hooked. You are the #1 soprano of today in my book and I would be honored to share the stage with you one day in the future. I'm a young tenor in college right now, but one day, one day. :)
Full Name: Kathleen Bowman
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/25/2002, 7:44 PM
Comments: I'm a 28-year old lyric-coloratura soprano currently finishing my degree in vocal performance, and I want to say that Renee Fleming is an inspiration to all vocalists who have had the opportunity to hear her sing. Her voice is magnificent! I just purchased tickets to hear her live in Tucson, Arizona, March 14, and I am anxiously counting down the days. I hope that by whatever means possible I will be able to meet her at that time.

Thank you, Renee, for sharing your talent with the world. I, for one, will be forever grateful.
Very sincerely,
Kathleen Bowman
Phoenix, Arizona
Full Name: Dr. Gregory Kahn
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/22/2002, 8:02 PM
Comments: I am looking forward to the recital in LA on 24/Feb/2002. See you then.
Full Name: Adele Falk
Home Page: http://www.geocities.com/sopranolikemaria/Opera_Singer_s_Page.html
Date and Time: 1/20/2002, 7:34 PM
Comments: I forgot to send my congrads for being on the cover of "Opera News." I just started to subscribe to the famous magazine, but, sadly, I did not get the issue you were in! BUMMER! :(
Full Name: Adele Falk
Home Page: http://www.geocities.com/sopranolikemaria/Opera_Singer_s_Page.html
Date and Time: 1/20/2002, 12:11 PM
Comments: My review of Renee Fleming's self titaled CD:

*=Why, Renee, why!?!?!

1.) O mio babbino caro-**
I would give this more stars because it was pretty good, but I took off one star cause it did not strike me as AMAZING. and another cause it is to light for Renee's voice. And another cause I can't hear her Ab up there!

2.) Un bel di-*****
So much expression on this song- I have not heard a better rendition of it since Maria Callas! BRAVA!

3.) Quadro men vo-***
Same story as O mio babbino caro, only I can hear the high notes better!

4.) Signor ascolta-*****
One of my favorite renditions of this song! Right on top of the list with Maria Callas and Monstrat Cabelle! BRAVA!

5.) Stridono Lassu-*****
I'm Speechless!

6.) Lo son lumile-*****
again, I am left speechless!

7.) Ebben-*****
Awe struck!!!!!

8.) Je suis encor-*****
Took my breath away!!!!!

9.) Adieu, notre petite table-*****
I am amazed Renee can feel Manon's passion, in my oponion she beat Maria Callas on this one!
Renee- you MUST record the whole opera- YOU ARE PERFECT FOR THIS ROLE!!!!

10.) Je dis que-*****

11.) Je veux vivre-***
Same story as Quadro men vo.

12.) Come in quest-*****
AWESOME! My only complaint is that the intro is to long- I could care less about about the orchestra- I want to hear YOU Renee!

13.) Casta Diva-*****
I can't choose whose rendition I like better- Renee Fleming's or Maria Callas's? (Its not really fair to compare Renee Fleming to Maria Callas cause they have two very different voices, but they both sing this song!)

14.) Merci jeunes-*****

Overall Rating of this CD ****1/2 stars out of 5! Great AND AMAZING!

The other problem I have with this CD is the cover- Renee is a pretty woman who does'nt need to sell herself off like Britney Spears!
Just look beyond the cover to find an AMAZING collection of arias!

BRAVA Miss. Fleming!

(Renee if by some miracle you see this, please e-mail me! I saw you on a video sining "Ave Maria" from 'Othello' at the Metropoltion Opera and I was hooked! You have the voice of an angel Renee! I hope you acomplish all of your dreams, and don't forget to have a WONDERFUL spring!)

Love your #1 14 year old fan-
Adele Falk
Full Name: Marcus Klein
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/18/2002, 8:00 AM
Comments: Grüsse aus Deutschland
und vielen Dank für die tollen Seiten im Net!
Gestern am 17.01.2002 habe ich Renée Fleming in Frankfurt a. Main in der Alten-Oper erleben dürfen. Begleitet wurde sie von dem Pianisten Jean-Yves Thibaudet. Sie interpretierten Lieder von Fauré, Debussy, Marx, R. Strauss und Rachmaninov. Es war traumhaft schön. Bei der ersten Zugabe, der Arie der Marietta aus "Die tote Stadt" von Korngold kamen mir die Tränen. Ein unvergeßlicher Abend!!!
Marcus Klein aus Deutschland
Full Name: Danielle Knutson
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/16/2002, 9:42 PM
Comments: WOW! is pretty much all you can say...god has given you a wonderful gift and you get the best out of it. you are my idol and i hope to some day accomplish as much as you do. i'm 16 years old currently singing with a voice teacher working on pieces to audition for colleges. i was wondering if you knew of any camps or had some of your own that i could attend this spring or summer. Well thank you for letting me share this moment with you of getting to talk to you i hope that you read what i wrote and contact me. good luck with everything and just SING!
Full Name: gary c smith
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/14/2002, 6:02 AM
Comments: hi, congratulations for a first class site. i have two questions - as i live in england i have not seen opera-news magazine , how could i get the december issue? also , in a tv interview during last years proms renee made reference to bringing " a streetcar named desire " to london .do you have any knowledge of this ? many thanks gary
Full Name: Adele
Home Page: http://www.geocities.com/sopranolikemaria/Opera_Singer_s_Page.html
Date and Time: 1/12/2002, 12:33 PM
Comments: I love you singing! I am a Singer too!
Full Name: Carolee Coombs Stacy
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/11/2002, 7:42 PM
Comments: Dear Miss Fleming,
For years I had somewhat of a career, singing opera and concerts, after studying in Rome on a Fulbright. One day a friend gave me a book of poetry by James Wright, and I knew I had to set some of the poems to music. That started me on a whole different journey. I have written probably around 200 songs. I gave a recital some years ago in Carnegie Recital Hall, doing 3 of the Wright poems. He attended, and we became close correspondents. I would love for you to look at some of my work, if you would allow me to send them to you. Along with the rest of the world, I adore your voice, which would fit my songs perfectly. Thank you for your time.
Full Name: Lisa Howard
Home Page: http://staff.norman.k12.ok.us/~scotth/
Date and Time: 1/11/2002, 3:14 PM
Comments: I am a soprano and I greatly admire your work. I am currently studying Masters of voice performance and what do you recommend for websites related to soprano singing or your work?
Full Name: Sherri Balke-Smith
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/11/2002, 5:50 AM
Comments: It's great to see an alumnus from Potsdam doing so well. Would love to see one of your opera appearances sometime.

Full Name: Albert Wood
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/8/2002, 6:13 PM
Comments: I am a recent discoverer of your talent. As a grad. of IU Bloomington, I've been into classical music up to my neck. I received a copy of "The Beautiful Voice" from my teenage daughter for Christmas, and heard for the first time Erich Korngold's "Mariettas Lied" from "Die tote Stadt". My God, it tears me to pieces. It is one of the most shattering performances of any piece of music that I have ever heard. It reveals to me the essence of what it means to live and to love. Words don't convey my gratitude.
Full Name: Theo de Jonge
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/5/2002, 9:03 AM
Comments: I'm looking foreward to youre performance of tomorrow in "het Concertgebouw" The Amsterdam.
Full Name: Martha Putnam Sites
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/3/2002, 12:44 PM
Comments: Renee, How fabulous it is to follow your career! Do you think that (beyond your incredible voice) that it was really Mrs. G's acting classes at Potsdam twas got you where you are? ;-)
Full Name: Laura Tatulescu
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/3/2002, 11:04 AM
Comments: Dear Gracious Mrs. Fleming,

I'm listening to you sing on the radio right now(Liu). I must say AGAIN that you're singing is impeccable.I study opera at the Music Conservatory
in Romania. I hope so much to meet you some day. It would be an honour.

THANK YOU for sharing with us all the splendour and beauty of your voice.

From the bottom of my heart,

Laura Tatulescu - Romania
Full Name: Laura Tatulescu
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/3/2002, 10:43 AM
I am an opera lover and I adore Renee Fleming's VOICE and everything she's done. And more than that: she's INTELLIGENT!She can do whatever she wants with her voice. Whatever she sings, she keeps in mind the musical period from which the composer is. That's so important-especially when it comes to singing Mozart. It's not easy at all.
But she does it impeccably. She's wonderful.

Thank you for this site.It means a lot I'm sure not just to me.


Laura Tatulescu - Romania.

2001 Guestbook

Full Name: Virginia Sykes
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/27/2001, 1:09 PM
Comments: thanks for website. we've missed local performances by unawareness previously.
Full Name: Greg Kaempfe
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/27/2001, 9:39 AM
Comments: I am not a big fan of opera but I was really impressed by what I saw of you on 60 Minutes. You do not seem so in love with yourself as some of these premadonas. In additions,last night's performance on the Kennedy Center Honors was really outstanding.

How lucky you are to have such a musical gift. How lucky we are that you share it with the rest of us. I wish I could sing so well (but in a manly voice).

Don't be afraid to visit St. Louis. We really are nice people and have a top notch orchestra.

Best Wishes.
Full Name: David Gray
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/27/2001, 8:47 AM
Comments: Rene'e , I saw your performance last night re: the Kennedy Center Awards. Superb. A long way from our CC chorus days. It would have been approriate to have worked with Julie Andrews because one of my best memories of you was as Eliza Doolittle. Best regards to your family
Dave Gray
Churchville Chili 78
See you next time in DC
Full Name: Jessica Vargo
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/27/2001, 1:41 AM
Comments: I think Renée Fleming is the best soprano who ever lived.
Full Name: Jenn O'Connell
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/23/2001, 11:58 PM
Comments: Dear Ms. Fleming,
I have been a devotee of your lovely voice for several years, thanks to some online pen-pals of mine who taught me that opera *isn't* snobbish. I own your "Beautiful Voice" CD and listen to it often. I am about half way through my second year of formal voice lessons (at age 19) and was quite shocked (happily) to hear you doing the very same kind of warm-ups on 60 Minutes tonight that I do daily. (A friend had warned me that you would be on. :) Perhaps you know of my teacher, Ms. Leslie McEwen? She used to be an opera singer, well, still is, but teaches mostly now, and I understand you were double cast in an opera together once. Anyway, do keep up the wonderful work and thank you for being such a candid, real person. It gave me hope that perhaps I have a chance, too, even though I am terribly shy and get horrid stage fright! I didn't realize that you could be that kind of a preformer and still be shy! Yours, most sincerly, Jenn O'Connell
Full Name: Allen Leroux
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/23/2001, 7:51 PM
Comments: The 60 Minute segment will undoubtably bring more admirers than you probably care to have, myself included.
I never heard of you nor ever heard you sing, but one thing I can say is that looking at the TV screen,and looking at your beautiful eyes via that normally cold media, I felt my heart flutter.
I am not a teenager, but I certainly feel as if I have fallen in like with you.
Have a wonderful holiday and forgive this lonely man.
Allen Leroux
Maine, U.S.A
Full Name: Jack Harrington
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/23/2001, 7:14 PM
Full Name: Lynn Ohl
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/21/2001, 9:55 PM
Comments: Renee, I have been a longtime fan going back to the late '70's when we attended high school together. I even sang in the choir with you, although I don't expect you to remember me; I was shy and not an outstanding vocalist. I want you to know how very happy I am for you, to be doing what you enjoy and do so well, and that the world recognizes and has the opportunity to enjoy your exceptional talent. Success could not have happened to a better or more deserving person. I look forward to your performance in Atlanta, where I now live. I also want you to know that since 9/11 I have kept you and your children in prayer for safety in your frequent travel and public appearances. My sincerest congratulations and best wishes in all you do!
Full Name: George Chen
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/17/2001, 11:08 AM
Comments: I look forward to your visit in Atlanta, GA in February.
Full Name: Pickett Simpson
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/9/2001, 10:36 PM
Comments: My first time at the Met last Thursday for Arabella. Three hours and 40 minutes of pure enchantment. And I thought the redordings were great, but live-superaltives are inadequate. And,topped off the next day with an autograph on my CD at the Meet the Artists in the opera shop.
Full Name: Simon Bostic
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/3/2001, 5:46 PM
Comments: Renée's appearances in London have been awesome but INFREQUENT!! Last Summer's Proms where she sung Exultate Jubilate and The Four Last Songs was one of my musical highlights of the year....and I go to lots of opera!! WHEN will the next visit to Covent Garden be, pray tell?!!
Full Name: David Rodriguez
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/2/2001, 10:16 PM
Comments: Ms Fleming
I saw the story 60 Minutes did on you and now I am looking foward to attending your performance when you perform here in Los Angeles next year. I must have been living under a rock to not know how great of a soprano you are.
Full Name: Terri Strickland
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/1/2001, 5:19 PM
Comments: Dear Ms. fleming: I just read your interview from the December issue of Opera news. It is so refreshing to read of how honest professionals are with themselves about their voices. I just recently found a recording of yours that I don't already own (Music of Villa-Lobos/ Red Seal) and am planning on enjoying it this evening.
Full Name: Brian Ingram
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/25/2001, 3:24 PM
Comments: I just wanted to express how deeply moved I was when I first heard the self-titled album with Charles Mackerras. I especially love the Gianni Schicchi and Adriana Lecouvreur arias. I also really enjoy her recording with Valery Gergiev of Verdi's Requiem; an enormously fantastic piece of music. I truly beleive that Ms. Fleming's voice is the most beautiful I have ever heard. When listening to her flawless voice, nothing else seems to matter or be of any concern other than enjoying every second of it. She is undoubtably one of the most talented sopranos of today, not to mention one of the most beautiful. I wish her all the best in the future and patiently await the day when she may perform here in Atlanta with either the ASO or the Atlanta Opera. Thank you Ms. Fleming for all you have given all of us who love great music!

Brian Ingram
Full Name: Chloe
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/22/2001, 1:10 PM
Comments: I must have been living in a cave for the last few years! I just discovered Renee Fleming's voice! Thanks for the cool web sight! It helps clueless people like me to find everything out!
Full Name: Dabney NiCole Ross
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/13/2001, 1:28 PM
Comments: Thank you for the music. You are always inspiring me to sing better each day!
Full Name: Gregory Warren
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/9/2001, 9:34 PM
Comments: Is Mrs. Fleming going to be doing any master classes in the near future? I am a young tenor and have been doing pretty well in some major competitions, but I never seem to be able to actually win them.(I usually place 2nd,3rd,etc.)I love everything about her voice as well as her artistry and incredible sense of technique!I know this is crazy, and I know there is probably no way, but I would love to have the chance to work with her and get her input.
Habe dank!
Gregory Warren
Full Name: Nancy Robinson
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/31/2001, 6:25 PM
Comments: I saw Renee at her Ft. Lauderdale recital on 2/00. It was the most beautiful singing I believe I will ever hear in my life. I met her after the recital and she is such a nice person. Talented, beautiful, and just a sweet,down to earth person.I share her music with my students K-5. I'm a music teacher. They love it. Renee, you are my hero.
Full Name: Craig Panner
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/31/2001, 12:01 PM
Comments: Do you have a location for your recital in Rome on 12 January? If so, please let us know where it will be. Thank you.
Full Name: mark brown
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/30/2001, 12:12 PM
Comments: Thank you for such a beautiful website to an absolutely beautiful woman!!
Full Name: Mark Tucker
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/29/2001, 2:30 PM
Comments: I recently heard you sing on t.v. at a memorial service in New York/Sept. 11. You were sang the national anthem beautifully. You made a piece that is not the greatest to sing, seem effortless. Your delivery was elegant, rich and filled with passion!THANK YOU-HOPE TO SEE YOUR PERFORMANCE IN BIRMINGHAM, AL>

LAUREL, MS 39440
Full Name: David Jackino
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/29/2001, 12:23 PM
Comments: Renée: Your performance yesterday at the WTC memorial was very moving. I wish I had gone to more receitals and other events at the Crane School of music while I was at SUNY Potsdam for the two years we both were attending ('79-'81).

Full Name: willie morales
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/13/2001, 11:55 PM
Comments: Dear Ms. Fleming,
Night songs rock, but after I listen I can not sleep from how happy I am to have listened thank you so much .
Willie Morales
Full Name: willie morales
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/13/2001, 11:48 PM
Comments: Dear Ms. Fleming,

I want to thank you for what you have done for me. I know you are asking who is this and what have I done for him? Well I met you for the first time after you sang a strauss opera at the met when your alma mater school Crane had a reception in your honor. I was a young kid senior in H.S.and meeting you made me decide to attend your former college, and I am thanking you because it is the best decision I have ever made. I love your music all of it. I loved your rendition of Susana, all of the Mozart, but my favorites are Rusalka, Doretta's dream, and Casta diva. I want to thank you for coming and performing at our school you shook Hosmer hall and you shook my heart.
Willie Morales
Full Name: Terri strickland
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/2/2001, 4:38 PM
Comments: Dear Ms. Fleming:
I would just like to say what an inspiration you are to me. I am a voice major at a small college. I am still just a "peep"-Stimme, but am working very hard. I rely heavily on your recordings as a role model for my own goals. I have to say I most thoroughly enjoyed your latest release "Night Songs". Best wishes for your career and life.
Full Name: William Hill-Male
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/25/2001, 11:35 AM
Comments: Dear Ms.Fleming,
Having been musically brought up on the music of Jimi Hendrix and The Doors etc., it was a delightful surprise to watch and listen to you on the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.
I can't remember what it was you sang in the first session, but it was heart-rendingly beautifully sung. The hairs on my neck stood up and it has been a LONG time since that happened. Likewise for the Strauss songs. So much so, I went out and bought one of your cd's.
Long may you continue to shine.
Full Name: paolosandro sardo
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/22/2001, 10:33 AM
Comments: il sito è molto bello,un ottimo omaggio a questa cantante che fa vibrare le corde del nostro cuore. solo le foto sono poche e di dubbia qualità.
Full Name: Romy Ransom
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/18/2001, 12:04 PM
Comments: Ms. Fleming has inspired me to take voice lessons. I only hope I with some years of training I can sound half as good as she does. I believe part of her appeal is that she is as very down to earth person as well as a beautiful singer.
Full Name: Peter Czernin
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/7/2001, 7:06 AM
Comments: great site
Full Name: John Lampe
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/6/2001, 8:00 PM
Comments: I love your solo cd's---especially I want Magic! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!
Full Name: Thomas
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/4/2001, 9:20 AM
Comments: Ms Fleming once stated in an interview that she would do a recording on which she would sing Jazz. I thought the "Night songs" would now be that recital... but it`s obviousely not.

So can anyone tell me if this will ever be done?

best wishes!
Full Name: May Southwick
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 9/3/2001, 3:35 PM
Comments: Was bowled over by your singing at the R.A.H. (Proms). Have booked to hear you again at the Barbican in London on 20th January 2002. Looking forward to that very much. You are flavour of the month for me!
Full Name: Lyndall
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/31/2001, 9:20 PM
Comments: After enjoying the indescribably beautiful Vancouver recital,you have never been far from my mind. Silly as it may sound, those shoes also captured my heart and this week I even had a lovely dream image of them. How I would love to see a picture of them. To me, they expressed the essence of your sparkling voice and personality.
Full Name: Stephen Lyons
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/27/2001, 9:59 AM
Comments: I saw Renee in performance in Champaign-Urbana. She was marvelous. I only wish that I had been closer. I was up with les enfants du paradis, or so it seemed. I look forward to future recordings.
Full Name: Amy Gibson
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/21/2001, 8:21 PM
Comments: I enjoy your voice!
Full Name: Gary Thomas
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/19/2001, 6:26 PM
Comments: Just spent the entire day listening to Renee(again!)----It's been many years since I had the pleasure of accompanying Renee at Chautauqua when she was first learning the Rusalka "Song to the Moon" with Jimmy Benner---she won the concerto competion then- no surprise

It has been amazing to follow her progress over the years--I'll never forget talking to her roomate Ann from Potsdam who was convinced that Renee would make it BIG- she was right!!
Full Name: Gerald Maiello
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/18/2001, 4:51 PM
Comments: Dear Ms Fleming,

I recently watched you sing the 'four last songs' by Strauss. It was a fantastic performance. Any chance that you will soon record them?

Yours sincerely

Gerald Maiello
Full Name: Adam Smith
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/15/2001, 7:32 PM
Comments: I would just like to be another saying how wonderful Renée truley is! I myself am a young aspiring student of Opera at Interlochen Arts Academy and someone with a voice as well tuned and beautious as hers really makes me keep going! Thanks for the great music Renée!
Full Name: Sarah Green
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 8/15/2001, 5:03 PM
Comments: Just another of Ms. Fleming's many fans
checking in!
Full Name: juan duarte
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 7/25/2001, 3:08 PM
Comments: Congratulations for the web!
I've just come back from Munich where I had the pleasure to attend Ms Fleming´s recital on the 15th of july and four days later her Arabella.
I also travelled to Paris last June to see her Manon.
I really believe she is the best lyric soprano of the last 25 years.
I've just read that she will be performing "Il Pirata" next year in Paris. I also read some months ago that she had completed a Belcanto arias recital which includes the aforementioned opera´s last scene.
Could you possibly tell me when this CD will be available? I would also very much appreciate if you could give me some information about her future recordings projects. As her magnificent recordings of Thaïs and Rusalka clearly show I think she should concentrate in this repertoire. But anyhow the real great thing about Renée Fleming is that when you listen to her she sings with such apparent ease that any role seems within her reach. Just a last wish: what about Leonora of "Il Trovatore"? I´m sure she would superb in "D'amor sull'ali rosee".
Thank you again.
Full Name: chae jean.Lee
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 7/23/2001, 10:28 AM
Comments: hello I listen your voice everyday.
Your voice is very good.
plese visit south of korea.
I have many your albums & opera
as soon as I`d like to see you in korea
bye-bye Thank you